After our trip to Holland Park on Tuesday, me and Georgina was invited to Candella – for a small meeting with a photographer, and a quick lunch break. Candella Tea Room is a charming cafe in Kensington, in between small vintage shops and other food spots. Here you can enjoy a real cup of tea, some sweets or food for breakfast, lunch or any other meal. The café is charmingly small and cramped, and you have to move around the chairs to sit down to your table. The decor in this small room is absolutely breathtaking, with so many beautiful details covering the walls, floor and ceiling. On the walls there are uncountable different types of tea cups and other vintage china, which definitely makes you want to grab a cuppa yourself. Looking up, the ceiling is painted into a sky with angels, and topped up with chandeliers. Around the room there is also so many different chairs, tables and a  stunningly gorgeous mirror, which all seems to be taken straight out from a heaven of thrift shops. When sitting down, we also discovered a piano on my left side, also covered with teacups on top of it on this day, tucked away, but ready to be played in the evening – filling the room with live music from one of the musical employees.

With such a huge amount of choices,  both when it comes to the tea and food, we had to really think what tempted the most before ordering.  We ended up sharing a large teapot with red vanilla tea and also wanted to enjoy ourselves with something sweet. On the counter we saw a dish with one croissant left, and in addition a large chocolate cake, so we decided to share one of each. However, when we ordered what looked to be “the last thing they had left,” it turned out of course that was not true at all. The waitress explained to us that she was baking fresh plain croissant, and in addition had just baked a carrot cake that she was just going to put frosting on – so suddenly we had a lot of more options to choose from. Not being used to being offered this kind of fresh pastry and home made cake from the local coffee shop, which normally serves ready made sandwiches and bland cakes, it really gave us the feeling of a real café that actually “cares”. Of course everything sounded absolutely delicious, and we were really indecisive. Feeling a bit cheeky, we ended up going for our first choice, enjoying the chocolate croissant and chocolate cake that first caught our eyes. It was an incredibly sweet and filling lunch, but also so incredibly delicious! The croissant was so fresh with melted hot chocolate inside, and the cake was so incredibly tender and good. Too much chocolate? Never.

What: Candella Tea Room
Where: 34 Kensington Church Street, Kensington, London W8 4HA
Price: £££££