Monday is here and another week and another month is upon us. I always like to start my mornings by having a read through some online magazines, newspapers and blogs, in addition to some fiction as well as university books. I also shared in my New Years Resolutions for Everyone that I encouraged everyone to start reading some more. Therefore, today I wanted to share with you a few texts to read this Monday, from my recent saves and favourites:



I always start my day reading through online newspapers like The Guardian, BBC, The Independent and more. There is a lot of cruelty and unfairness in the world, but shutting your eyes and ears to it won’t make anything better. That is why I think it is important for everyone to read the news and see what is going on around the world. Today I stumbled upon a lot of stories about how “Black workers ‘face widening pay gap the more qualifications they earn” / “How Black Workers Are Being Paid Less For Doing Exactly The Same Job As White Graduates“.


I love to both read and write features, so I always save and bookmark the ones I really love. I myself am a sucker for listicles, and as a student on a budget I really enjoyed this “10 foods to make from scratch to save money” feature from The Guardian Lifestyle. I also love everything that has to do with photography, so the articles on “Nikon Takes down plane photo after row” and “Instagram imams are unlikely online hit” really interested me this morning.


As a blogger myself, I of course follow a lot of blogs via Bloglovin (follow me!) where I frequently save new posts. Last week I saved Josie from FashionMumblr post on “How to Start a Blog and FAQs“. Josie has grown her blog and social media a lot this past year, and I enjoyed reading her tips and general answers on how to start and grow your blog and social media.


As I mentioned on my Facebook-page (follow me!) last night, I am this month starting as a writer for an amazing online magazine called Unwritten. I first found this publication more than a year ago when I read a feature called “I’m only 22 I don’t want someone else to be my whole world” and fell completely in love. Now I am lucky enough to start writing and publish my own work, and I will also share a lot of posts through my social media. This week I fell in love with the post “Stop Looking For ‘The One’ When There’s More Than Just One Out There“, which is kind of in the lines of the first post I read from Unwritten.


Even though I often start and end my days on internet and social media, I love putting my mac and phone away and read a good book. I am this week finishing the book Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll, a book I have been reading for a while but never got around to finish. The book is a “girl-thriller” as I like to call them, similar to Gone Girl and the Girl on the Train, about a girl with a dark secret. The book is actually now in the process of becoming a movie, released later this year.


Did you find anything to read? Should I introduce this as a new feature on the blog?


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