When leaving Rome we had to take a taxi at 4am in the morning, followed by two two-hour long flights. So when we finally  arrived at Gardermoen I hadn’t slept for more than 24 hours, and both felt and looked like a complete mess. While the rest of my girls went up to the departure area again and waited for their last plane to take them home, I found my shuttle buss and headed for the hotel. As I had planned two days in Oslo, I was lucky enough to be a guest at the lovely Scandic Gardermoen, a cozy hotel just a few minutes from the airport.


I checked in, threw my luggage on the ground and went straight for bed. Not feeling too well, the comfy big bed was just what I needed. Even though it felt strange sleeping by myself after sharing a bed with my lovely minion Elise for a week, I immediately felt relaxed and so much better.

I promised myself not to binge on junk food for the second day in a row, but as I desperately needed some food and there was a Mc.Donalds literally a 5m walk from my room, I just couldn’t help it. Sorry, not sorry. I brought back a large take away bag back to bed and turned on the television. The perfect way to spend a few hours alone in a hotel room.


As I did feel quite tired and ill, and ended up having a late girls night out in Oslo, I chose to sleep in the day after. I quickly regretted that decision as I realized I almost missed breakfast, but luckily there was lots of delicious food left, and the lovely staff gave me no rush! I wish I would have taken some photos, but I was too busy stuffing my face. I am such a breakfast person, and especially a sucker for a good breakfast buffet. This one had everything you would imagine and want, including eggs and bacon, waffles, fruit and fresh orange juice.

Thanks to Scandic Gardermoen for having me, I will definitely stay here if I have the chance again and recommend you to do the same!