Anita Fosen: Journalism student, blogger, globetrotter and hopeless romantic.


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I started my first blog/ vlog when I was 13 years old (2008), and it has been a big part of my life ever since. The reason for starting my first blog was my big move to Qatar, so travel has always been one of my main things to blog about. Over the years though, fashion seemed to be the big growing theme for my blogging, and is today one of my biggest passions. When it comes to food, I could never in my wildest dreams have imagined how many posts I would dedicate to that, but since moving to London especially, food-posts has become some of my favorites to write.


Even though I would not describe my personal style as anything out of the ordinary, I have always loved exploring and having fun with my style, and I have never been afraid to try out new things. My style has of course evolved a lot over the years, being influenced by my globetrotter lifestyle and new experiences in life. I still find it difficult to give a name for it, but my style does include a lot of classic and simple pieces, often paired with statement accessories with a lot of details. My biggest fashion rule has always been, and will forever be “comfort is key”.


Before moving to Qatar, most of my summer vacations had been spent driving american veteran cars around Norway. When I then got to see, experience and actually live in, such a different country and culture, it really opened my eyes. Since then (2008), I have traveled a lot of amazing places around the world, and I am always looking forward to explore someplace new. Some of my favorite travel destinations so far include Tunisia, Nepal, Oman and of course my forever-favorite Italy. But the one place that captured my heart so much that it somehow tricked me to move there, was London. I left my comfort zone of my little hometown on the west coast of Norway, and decided to cross the pond and start my live in England.


When I was younger, I was never any good at either making or eating food. I ate little, was extremely picky when it came to what food I liked and I hardly made anything myself. As I became older, all of this changed drastically, and food is now one of my biggest passions. It all started when I fell in love with baking at the age of 13-14 (2008), and  spent at least every Sunday at the kitchen. My absolute favorite was cupcakes, and I would describe my obsession as close to extreme. Even though I sadly do not bake as much any more, I still really enjoy it when I have the time and money for it. Nowadays, my time in the kitchen is mostly spent making delicious breakfasts (which is my favorite meal), dinners and every other meal I could want. I also really enjoy being a host, either for a dinner party or anything else, and find a lot of joy in cooking up a meal for someone.