I am sure you have seen and read about it on every blog and Youtube channel you follow, the little egg shaped miracle makeup tool which seems to be everyone’s holy grail. At first I tried to act sceptic and not at all amazed, but as it kept on popping up everywhere I couldn’t help but getting more and more interested to try it out myself. So when I was lucky enough to be in contact with Beautyblender Norway, who were more than happy to send me a range of Beauty Blender products to try out, I couldn’t help but to get really excited. Not just because I would get to try it out, but because I would finally be able to answer the question ‘it is worth the hype?


For those of you who don’t know already, the beautyblender is an egg shaped beauty sponge. The shape and texture makes it so easy to work with and move around your face, in addition to being gentle and smooth to your skin. There are a few different brands and editions on the market, and I got sent three different all original Beauty Blender products to try out, in addition to two different types of cleansers.

Beauty Blender

Original Beautyblender (pink) + bling.ring: The world’s first edgeless makeup sponge ensures flawless application, perfect for applying and blending foundation, powder, BB + CC cream, cream blush and powder. With the bling.ring you can dry your blender in a stylish and chic way, or simply use it as decor.

Pro Beautyblender (black) : The same exclusive beauty blender material in a pro-favored black color, made specially for professionals. Perfect for applying and blending long wear makeup, self tanning, bronzer and other dark-toned products.

Micro Mini Blenders (green): The same exclusive beauty blender material in a micro size, two smaller blenders approximately 1/4 the size of the original Beauty Blenders when dry. Made especially to highlight, contour and conceal, and can also be used for eyeshadows.

Solid Blender Cleanser: Recommended cleanser for pre-soaking treatment, a quick and easy way to keep your blender (and other make up tools) free from make up leftovers and bacteria, in addition to extending the life of the sponge.

Liquid Blender Cleanser: Cleanser for on-the-go use or to spot treat stains, a quick and travel-friendly cleanser which is also great for all of your other brushes as well!


So what makes the sponge so special and how do you use it? The most important and unique thing about the beautyblender is that you have to wet it before using it, if not it won’t work as good. The formula of the sponge is made to be used damp when applying make up, so to make the most out of your sponge you have to run it under your faucet for a while, and then squeeze out the water and gently dry it in a towel. As you moist the sponge, it will double in size and become the perfect make up tool that gently applies and blends your makeup without drying out or harming your skin. Another thing that makes it so unique and great is the egg-formed shape, which makes it incredibly easy to get every little inch of your face covered and blended, without making any lines or streaking. Look at the photo above for more information ^.

Beauty Blender
Above you can see the products which I start my everyday makeup routine by applying. Before getting the beautyblender I usually used a Real Techniques Buffer Brush to blend out my foundation and highlighter/ concealer + applying my setting powder, but now those jobs has definitely been replaced by the Beautyblender. Even though my foundation has quite a thick formula, the beauty blender blends it out so well, and leaves a natural and airbrushed finish. From the very first moment I tried it out I fell in love, and I am definitely now a part of the hype.  I would say it is a must-have product in your make up kit and I would recommend investing in at least one, if you haven’t already. For more information you can head over to Beautyblender Norway (facebook | instagram) or beautyblender.com.



Disclaimer: The products in this post are sponsored, but this is not a sponsored/ paid for post, and all of the opinions are 100% true and honest.