Sometimes when I have a bad day I take a moment to think about how lucky I am in life. I was born in Norway, which basically means I have won the lottery of life already. In addition to living in one of the greatest and riches countries in the world, I have been so lucky to travel and explore so many different sides of the world as well, now living in my third country while being only 20 years.

Sometimes when I have a bad day I take a moment to think about the people who aren’t as lucky in life. The two kids we met at our school trip to Nepal back in 2008, who we gave all our food and drinks to because we could just buy more and they had none. The lovely people I met in Tunis before the Arab spring, whom I am not sure are still alive. All the people I wish I could have met at the Greece border a few months back, when I almost dropped everything in life to travel there and help the refugees.


And then I read some great news. I might have not been able to help them back then, but at least my hometown decided to do what they could. On Tuesday my small little hometown welcomed 170 asylum seekers and I felt more proud than ever. I felt happy that for those 170 people, my little hometown was able to make a change. To make life better, to make life worth living.

But sadly my feeling of proudness turned to embarrassment as soon as I saw how people reacted. It’s easy to write a comment on Facebook without thinking twice isn’t is? I have never understood how bashing other people in a comment box can make you feel any better.

Normally I don’t care about all the bullshit I see people writing. But when it comes to these things, I get so annoyed and sad that I can’t just let it be. How can adults with families write that “they are not welcome” and similar nasty things about families they have never met and know nothing about? Families which might have been through war, terror and fleeing? These aren’t terrorists and criminals, they aren’t even migrants. These are the people who were unlucky in life and was born and ended up “at the wrong place at the wrong time”. Does this mean that they don’t deserve to live a good life? In your [the commentators] words, it kind of does.

Before writing your next nasty Facebook comment try to put yourself in their situation for a brief moment. Try to think about someone else than yourself for a change. You’re just lucky you were born winning the lottery.

And PS: remember that these families did not leave their home country because they wanted to. They did it because they had to. To survive and make life better for their family and loved ones. Don’t tell me you hadn’t done the same.

#velkommensyria and well done Haugesund ♡ I miss your inner and outer beauty even more today


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