After two full days of shopping, we were all in the need of something different. The sun was shining, it was nice and warm outside, and we decided to head to my forever favourite place in Dubai – The Souq of Medinat Jumeirah.


We quickly walked through the narrow streets of shops, making our way for the riverside restaurants, where my mother were sure they were serving alcohol (something I of course doubted).  IMG_7990-1IMG_7992-1IMG_7988-1We made our way down the stairs, where we were not only met by the view of people drinking ice cold beers and glasses of wine at their table; we also caught a glimpse of a building looking somewhat familiar in the background^ . So we followed the pathway that looked as it was leading to the stunning hotel…IMG_8002-1…but were met by a red rope and a security guard, only allowing access for the people staying at the hotel apartments there. We quickly understood that if we wanted to get a closer look at the hotel, we had to get creative and find another way… IMG_8022-1IMG_8015-1… so we jumped into a boat, and left the land behind (sort of).

From our boat we quickly got a closer look at the hotel, and we all started snapping away with our phones, cameras, you name it.IMG_8029-1 IMG_8032-1 IMG_8039-1IMG_8036-1IMG_8039-1The stunning view paired with the heating sun, palm trees and clear water almost took my breath away, and I was pleased with finally getting to see and photograph the oh-so-famous hotel.

But the boat-ride was luckily not at all done with this little trip. We turned around and had so much more left to see:IMG_8046-1IMG_8050-1Next time, this will be my hotel ^

I have to say the boat ride was quite the success, and  Souq Medinat was as beautiful and welcoming as always. After the boat-ride we headed back to the hotel, changed into something a bit nicer, (had a lot of trouble getting a cab…) and went back to the Souq for a dinner and some drinks at the riverside. I had so much fun that I completely forgot about my camera (those are the best nights, aren’t they?) – but I would recommend everyone doing the same. Just imagine this view, all light up in the evening. Beautiful, isn’t it?


 What: Souq Medinat Boatride
Where: Medinat Jumeirah, Dubai
Price: £££££