Camden Town, a really popular place here in London, that you might have visited already. If you haven’t though, I really recommend it! I feel like a lot of tourists go there looking for good vintage/ second hand stores, and to be honest I would not recommend Camden as the best place for this. Of course there are a few good second hand shops here as well – it is just that there are many better places for that. What I do recommend you check out in Camden though, is the markets! Markets filled with people, delicious food, home made crafts, clothes and so much more. At the photos you can see a few glimpses of what you can except finding there. Camden also has a few stores like Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and so on down the street, but except for that there are a lot of souvenir shops for tourist, since Camden is crowded with tourists. Other than that I recommend that you bring your camera with you here, because there is so many beautiful details on the houses and streets in general + the beautiful river that you can walk down to Regents Park (and London Zoo) for a really nice walk!




What: Camden Lock Market
Where: Camden

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