I might have woken up to birds singing outside my window a few mornings this summer, but never have I woken up to a morning as beautiful as this!


Even though workers in the apartment above us woke us up a lot earlier than what I wanted yesterday (try 6-7am after a full day of traveling), I could not stay too irritated as I opened the window and realised I was waking up in ROME! We had an early and slow morning, getting ready, catching up on social media and putting on endless layers of sun screen, before heading out and walking to the bus/train station. Rome is hot and humid in August, so we needed a few breaks and countless bottles of water to survive in the sun, but luckily the beautiful city has lots of trees that give us with some much wanted shadow. After walking around (a bit lost I have to admit), we finally found the place where our buss to Castel Romano Designer Outlet drove from, and after a few hours of waiting in the burning sun we were on our way!


Never having been here before I was not sure what to expect, to be honest I never expect too much from “fashion outlets”, but from the moment we arrived I was so positively surprised. The outlet is an outside mall, designed as a small village where every brand/ designer has its own beautiful house. As soon as we walked in, I also saw so many brands that I actually recognised, which I feel like I rarely do at outlets. Even though I was eager to run into every store and dig for the best deals, we were all feeling a bit tired and grumpy from the stress of the buss ride that we decided a bite to eat would be a great way to start!


We ended up with Italian (du-uh), sharing first an order of bruschetta and then two pizzas between the four of us, as we were all pretty sure we could not possibly manage to eat a whole pizza each. I always love sharing, and the small appetiser pluss the half main course was luckily the perfect size for all of us. The pizzas were of course as delicious as you would imagine real Italian pizza to be, even though the waiters were not the friendliest nor happiest people on earth.


Full on Italian food, we headed outside and started browsing through the shops. I wish had photographs to show you from inside the shops, but everyone seemed to be really mad when it came to photographing/ filming their shops, so instead we ended up focusing on looking and shopping while inside, and taking photographs while outside (how beautiful are these pink umbrella decorations?!) .

The outlet village was enormous, filled with well known brands as Michael Kors, Missoni, Burberry, Valentino, Calvin Klein, Nike, Levis, Loccitane and many more! As you can imagine, there were lots of opportunities to make good bargains, and we all ended up grabbing a few. What I personally loved the most about the outlet was that all of the stores looked perfectly “normal” and tidy as the store would have looked at any mall, and not all “outlet like” with lots of signs, mess and chaos.

IMG_9470-1DSC01414-1IMG_9472-1With lots of time on our hands we had a second food break after a few hours. Craving something sweet and simple, what is better than Italian gelato? Gelato is of course to be found on most corners here in Rome, but we ended up choosing the best of the best with this proper Lindt gelato.

…When in Rome, right?

At 9pm we took the buss back home, brought back fajitas and chips to the hotel and ended up with a slow night in. I also brought back a few bags from the outlet, finding some new favourites for a great prize, but I will show that in a later post. I would definitely recommend spending a day at the Castel Romano Designer Outlet if you have the time and are looking for some amazing fashion bargains, but as we experienced a lot of stress with the buss, I would maybe have considered taking a taxi instead. Enjoy!


What: Castel Romano Designer Outlet
Where: 20-30 minutes outside of Rome
Price£££££ – £££££ depending on the brand, but great sales/ bargains at lots of big brands/ designers