It is December and it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas  Even though the sun has been shining and the temperature has been quite high here in London for the past few days, December is definitely here and I am so excited for it! (as you may have noticed) I decided not to put up an advent calendar on my blog this year, as I have so many deadlines and things to do before going back to Norway and not a lot of time to blog this next week. But, since a lot of you might want to join some other calendars, I thought I would share some with you here:

ChristmasPhotography by Jade Greenbrooke Photography

First of all my blog platform Femelle has a daily calendar with lots of great prices. You just have to answer a simple question to be a part of it, which I have done every day lately. There are also some Femelle bloggers who has their own calendars set up, for example the sweetest Iselinn and Christine, who both have some amazing prices and discount codes to give away!  The lovely Reidun Beate also has a advent calendar going on, but instead of a new price every day she has a whole bunch of great things to give away every Sunday – pretty amazing right? And if that is still not enough for you, there is also always some Femelle bloggers having a giveaway or two, like Elise and Benedicte is now. Be sure to check out all their links and maybe you will be the lucky winner of a gift or two? Just a few tips from me, enjoy! ❄


Disclaimer: I sadly do not know if all/ any of these giveaways are international, but I thought I would write it in English nevertheless. If you are interested in joining any one of them, just ask!


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