Over the past few years, I have become quite the breakfast person, and I have yet to find a better breakfast place than Paul.


As I like my eggs scrambled, chocolate hot and juice fresh, I always go for the “Complét” Breakfast Option, which of course is the biggest option. Too big for me to handle, but I always give it a try (and then take the remaining food home as take away). The complét gives you half a baguette with jam and butter, eggs any style you want, a patisserie of your choice, a side order of either salad, potato wedges or hash browns, a hot drink of your choice and a fresh orange juice. And yes, did I mention that this is breakfast, ordered before 12pm?


I was really in the mood for something french, and even dressed for the occasion: Frenching it up with some red lips, a striped skirt and some wavy curls.


Luckily, Paul can be found both here in Qatar, Dubai, London and so many other places around the world (only my small hometown missing?), and I believe the menu is quite similar also. But, if you don’t have a Paul near you, or just don’t want to get dressed and leave your apartment (I know the feeling), you can easily make it at home! I even wrote a “recipe” here  a few months ago (even though there is no need for much actual cooking). Either way, enjoy!

What: Paul
Where: Dubai Mall and Mall of The Emirates