It’s my last day in Qatar for now – and I am and spending my morning reminiscing over these pancakes


Sadly IHOP is not to be found in Qatar yet (there is one in the making atm, but who knows when that’ll open..), so this was actually taken in Dubai at Mall of the Emirates. I had been to this restaurant one time, a few years ago, and I was longing to go back.

IMG_7704-1 IMG_7708-1

The pancakes are all-american and can be found in so many flavours. In addition, the menu does not lack of other options for those who are not in the mood for pancakes: Waffles, French Toast, Omelettes, Pasta-dishes, Salads, Steaks and Soups is just a selection of everything they offer. But as it was breakfast time, we went for the traditional american butter pancakes with some eggs, bacon and hash browns, with some fresh orange juice and coffee to drink.

We tried out the different syrups lined up (my favourite is Butter Pecan, mmm yum!) and ate until we were so full that we could not possibly eat another bite. Yes, the portions are a bit large, but if you’re not that much of a big eater fear not – they’re great for sharing!


What: IHOP (International House of Pancakes)
Where: Mall of The Emirates


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