So you’re missing my proper eating-out posts you say? It’s been a while? Well, fear not my friend, as I have many coming your way! Let’s start with a Market(te), shall we?


For me, my trip to Dubai was mainly about the same three things my blog is about: travel, fashion and food. Dubai has always been my holy grail for shopping, but this time I was looking even more forward to eating out and enjoying some nice meals with my parents, than stuffing with my suitcase with the latest fashion finds. Even though I did bring home a few pieces here and there (more on that later), what I brought back the most of was new food favourites. I did visit a few good old places that never seem to disappoint (like Le Pain and Paul), but for our lunch and dinner meals we tried out a whole lot of new places. A definite new favourite, was Markette at Dubai Mall:

IMG_7928-1IMG_7936-1IMG_7925-1I have always been a fan of the quirky and well carried out when it comes to restaurants. Yes, I know that you come there for the food and that that is what you pay for (believe me, I’ve had this discussion), but for me that is simply not all. I enjoy seeing a themed restaurant going all out, I get excited over food served on an unusual plate or quirky glass, and I applaud the restaurants who spend time thinking out creative names for their plane and simple dishes. I think the appearance of a restaurant and it’s food can make it a lot more welcoming, warm and attractive. And for those reasons, I could not help but getting really excited about dining at Markette.

IMG_7931-1 IMG_7945-1 IMG_7953-1

It’s simple really. I do not need anything too fancy (…nor can I afford it), but when I see that a real effort has been made, I get interested. The vibe at Markette was casual and chic, with the greatest sound track I have ever heard at a restaurant before, such a welcoming staff and the most beautiful details, with stunning and old fashion decorations from the floor to the roof. We went in for lunch, and ended up staying for almost two hours!!

IMG_7949-1IMG_7962-1IMG_7959-1IMG_7960-1As it was only lunch-time (and I had a cheeky wish for some crêpes for dessert), we decided on a few light meals, after some complimentary bruschettas. I was in the mood for a spicy tomato soup served with toast with cheese (yum!), and my parents went for some tapas – sharing Spanish Meatballs with a side order of the most delicious French Fries ever (seriously!). My soup was just the right amount of spicy for me to finish it off, and also just the right portion for me to get quite full, but not that full that I could not enjoy some dessert…


I went for a strawberry and nutella crêpe and a layered fruit-cocktail^, as the drinks carried around by the waiters looked so tempting. I managed to finish it all off (there’s always room for dessert, right?) and some more, before sadly leaving the originally-Indonesian (!!) restaurant, that for now can not be found either in Qatar nor London… ’til next time Markette!

 What: Markette Restaurant
Where: Dubai Mall
Price: £££££


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