The last day of the week is here and we have officially entered the final month of Spring: May. Not only does this month bring with it blossoming flowers and warmer weather. It is also for many a month filled with deadlines, exams, final stages and new beginnings. It might feel tempting to give into the familiar feeling of procrastinating everything until the last minute. But this Sunday, instead of spending your day relaxing in your pjs, you should try your best to be productive. Get a good start to the month by doing these 7 things:

7 Things to do this Sunday

Eat proper meals

Start your day by making a good breakfast, and continue to make proper meals throughout the day. Making something a bit more exciting than spread on toast does not have to be either expensive nor time-consuming. If you have some eggs on hand you can easily put together a pancake batter or any other delicious egg meal. If you are spending your final day a bit hungover or just exhausted after some junk food options throughout the week, make sure to start this day right by preparing some nutritious, healthy and tasty meals.

Declutter your E-mails

Start your productive day with some simple and quick tasks, to get into the right mindset. One thing you can begin with is going through your emails and declutter it fully. As a blogger and writer I do receive quite a lot of emails, but even if you are not I am sure you have some decluttering to do. Read through all of your unread messages, check your different folders and junk mail and reply to and send out all of the mails you’ve been putting off for a long time. It might seem like a small task to do, but it is a really important one so get decluttering!

Update your calendar

While in the process of decluttering and organising ‘smaller things’, I would also advice you to update your calendar for the upcoming month. You can easily use the Calendar app to be found on your computer. Chuck in all of your deadlines, work hours and social events. This will not only make this month a lot more clear and straightforward, but it will also give you an idea of when you have time off and when you have something to look forward too.

Clean and organise

After cleaning out and organising your online life, it is time to take it offline. I am sure it is not only my room and apartment which gets easily messy and filled with dust? At the end of each week, I like to tidy it up and have a proper cleanout. Clean your room, do your laundry, wash and vacuum wherever needed and do everything else that will make your home shining ready for the next week and month.


Even though I am already on my summer break (*just had to put that out there*), I know that a lot of students don’t finish school and university until May or even June. If you have any exams, assessments or any other course work left, this is the day to do it. I don’t like the idea of spending a full Sunday in study-mode. But I think it is important to take a few hours in between cleaning and relaxing to do some work. At least prepare yourself for and be ahead of the week to come.


As well as reading for school, it is really important to read for pleasure. If you feel your head getting tired from all of the course work, or if you want to enjoy a few hours of enjoyment before going to bed, you should really consider reaching for a book instead of the next episode of your favourite series at the moment. Reading brings you mental stimulation, stress reduction, knowledge, vocabulary expansion, memory improvement and so many other benefits that it is definitely something we should take more time off for.


After a full productive day with many tasks completed, you are truly deserving of a bit of pampering. Get out all of those beauty products you rarely use, like hair masks, face masks, scrubs, oils and other pampering products, and enjoy yourself. Not only will pampering make you feel good and relaxed. It will also prepare your hair, skin and body looking extra good for the upcoming week.


Maybe most important of all is that today should be the day you get a good full night of sleep. If you feel like you have too much stuff you need to get done today, please do not leave it until last minute and sit up all night. Today should be productive and effective. But as the nighttime comes, you are allowed to give yourself a break and go to bed early instead of doing” just one more thing”. No matter how many of these other points you complete, without enough hours of sleep, you will not start the new week in a good way. So have a good, productive yet still relaxed Sunday, and go to bed when your body tells you it is time to sleep.


Now tell me…

What will you be doing this Sunday?