After finishing our final exam yesterday, officially being done with the first year of uni, we were in the need of celebration. Luckily, we had the full evening planned out, starting at a bloggers event hosted by the beauty brand Glo & Ray.


We arrived a bit (fashionably) late, after running through the rain and being stuck in the London traffic, but there were no worries. As soon as we made our way up the stairs and into the room, we were amazed by the beautiful location (Mewe Hub).


The tables were filled with make up for us to try out, stylish cupcakes (see what I did there?) and canapés, and it was all just so chic, laid back and blogger-friendly. So we started snapping away.

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After the stressful exam and taxi ride, a glass of something bubbly was just what I needed.


And as it was a day of celebrations, we couldn’t help but saying “cheers” (or “skål” as I say it).


To be honest, this has to be one of the best blogger events I have ever been to! The venue was beautiful, the atmosphere relaxed and casual, and the people there were so friendly and welcoming. We enjoyed our glass and a few cheeky treats, and stayed until the very end (before continuing our girls night elsewhere).


Glo & Ray is not a make up brand that I have had in my make up bag before, but I am so impressed by the products that I briefly got to try and have a look at at the event! I was so lucky to bring a goodie bag filled with all of the amazing products, and I can’t wait to start using them. Since I want to try them all out properly first, I will do a separate post about the beauty products themselves in a few weeks, while this post is more about the amazing event thrown by the brand.

But, if you can’t wait to see what the fuss is about for yourself, check out their website to browse through their products. My favourites from the products I got to try yesterday has to be this Eyeshadow Palette and this Lipstick. Have a look through their website (the prices are really good!), and let me know if you find anything you like ♥


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The Stylish Cupcake