Even though I loved the pink Summer Countdown Glossybox, I have to admit that this little box of french L’Oréal goodies was even more up my sleeve.


Vive La France! When it comes to drugstore beauty Maybelline and L’Oréal has always been my favourites, so a box filled with amazing L’Oréal products is not something I would say no to. In addition to the five beauty products, I also loved the little make up pouch that came with it, and also the box itself is so beautiful!


Opening it up I found some old favourites that I have been loving for years, and a few new products that I could not wait to try out and review:


1. L´ORÈAL PARIS Color Riche – A rich purple toned quick dry and long lasting nail polish which leave you with bold and beautiful statement nails perfect for both late summer and early autumn.

2. L´ORÈAL PARIS Elnett Hairspray –Everyone’s favourite hair spray, right? Even though I have never enjoyed the smell, it has always been a favourite of mine as it is so easy to comb out after use. The perfect hair spray to use when creating romantic curls, crazy volume or a clean comb back, with amazing hold through the whole day. This 75ml is easy to bring with me in my bag or pocket, so that my hair will stay good throughout the evening when going out.

3. L´ORÈAL PARIS Color Riche Lipstick – Lipstick is something I wear every day and I always love trying out new shades and brands. I actually do not think I have previously bought any L’Oréal lipsticks, so this was something completely new to me. Even though I rarely go for the full on red lips, I love having the option of a bold and rich colour for a day or night out, so this will definitely be a new favourite for that!

4. L´ORÈAL PARIS Nutri Gold Extraordinary Face Oil – I love good oils for my hair, but have never actually used any on my face before. I love a good moisturiser and have quite a soft and smooth skin, so I haven’t thought too much about it, but after trying out this oil I absolutely love it. I was afraid it would leave my skin greasy and sticky, but it did not at all!

5. L´ORÈAL PARIS Elvital Extraordinary Oil Mask – Speaking about oils for my hair, this is something for me right? I actually have not tried it yet, but I am looking forward to doing so soon after my hair has gotten so much direct sunlight while in Rome.

6. L´ORÈAL PARIS Brow Artist Plumber – As always I am saving the best for the last. This product came as a full size worth of 129kr in store, and I have used it every day since opening my Glossybox. I love trying out new products for my eyebrows, and this plumber is definitely something for me. Depending on how much you use, you can either create a all natural and simple everyday brow, or a full on bold and dark brow. Something for every occasion, and so easy, definitely a recommendation from me!


So this Glossybox sounds amazing right? If you do not know how Glossybox works you can read my previous post and visit their website for more information, or ask me if you have any questions! I loved this box so much that I just have to keep it for myself (sorry, not sorry), but if you would like a chance to get your hands on this box as well I would recommend you to enter Iselinn’s Giveaway where you can win it, good luck!


Are you interested in trying out Glossybox as well? Check out Glossybox’a website here (NO) / here (UK), and order a monthly beauty box for 179kr/ £10!