Through my years of blogging, I have been lucky enough to collaborate with several amazing brands along the way. As a lover of everything beauty and fashion related, reviewing and working with brands in those areas has really been a dream come true for me. The list of brands is now starting to become quite long. But, if I had to single out one collaboration that was my favourite, the pick would not be difficult at all. My all time favourite is (and will forever be) LiLash! Their amazing serums has time after time helped me grow long lashes, and I now can’t imagine my life without it. Luckily, I don’t have to either:

grow long lashes with LiLash

Introducing LiLove: Lilash’s official brand ambassador campaign.

If you are a loyal reader of my blog and have been for a while, you will know that this is not the first time LiLash has made an appearance here. One and a half years ago I was lucky enough to review LiLash, and I instantly fell in love. I will let the results speak for themselves. Since then I have been lucky enough to collaborate with LiLash on several occasions, including giveaways and tutorials. I have mentioned their lash serum as one of my must have beauty essentials several times. And I have recommended the product to countless of friends and family members to grow long lashes. So when LiLash once again reached out to me with a collaboration opportunity, I could not reply anything else but “YES”!

Last week I received a massive box from LiLash filled with goodies including personalised jewellery and a LiLash selfie stick. Of course in addition to the original LiLash and LiBrow serums. The box was sent to me as a welcome gift. I am now officially joining my favourite brand and becoming a LiLash Ambassador. AKA. LiLove as they so cutely call it. This means that in the near future I will be sharing even more giveaways, tutorials and reviews.

grow long lashes with LiLash

Since I always get a lot of questions about LiLash, I am going to share some general information:

  • LiLash and LiBrow are serums that helps your natural eyelashes and eyebrows grow stronger and longer.
  • The eyelash serum is the world’s most iconic giving you long, curled eyelashes in just weeks. On their website there are tons of success stories, with before and after photos showing amazing results.
  • LiLash have a 90 day Money Back Guarantee policy, which means you can order the products (free worldwide shipping), try them out and if you don’t see any results – you get you money back!
  • The serums are ophthalmologist tested and free from parabens. They are also safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers .
  • Use once daily on clean, dry skin. Apply the serum along the lash line of the upper eyelid, similar to liquid eyeliner.

grow long lashes with LiLash


If the product had not worked I would never have recommended it to any of my readers or friends, BUT it truly does! I and everyone else I know who has used the products has seen massive results within weeks. The products might seem a bit pricy at first glance. But it is 100% worth it if you want to grow long lashes. If you want long and healthy natural lashes, instead of fake extensions, be sure to check out LiLash for more information.