For Halloween-week me and my friend checked in at Grand Hotel on Monday. Do you dare to join us?


I don’t really write about clubbing here on my blog, mostly because I rarely bring my camera and also don’t feel like it is within the theme of my blog, but today I will make an exception. You always seem to love my London-tips so I thought this one I just had to share; I love going out in Central London and last Friday was my first time ever at Cirque Le Soir, a club I have heard so many great things about. Needless to say, I liked it so much that on Monday we decided to go back, only this time everything had changed…


Mondays at Cirque Le Soir are usually La Monday with a theme and fancy dress, but as we are in the week of halloween they had really stepped up their game. Entering the hidden black door right by Carnaby, you wouldn’t recognise the name as they had put up a new sign saying “The Grand Hotel”. In the spirit of Halloween the whole club had been turned into a creepy hotel, and you could definitely tell they had been working all Sunday and Monday to get this ready. The walls had a new colour to them, the club was redecorated and reorganised, the corridor leading to the bathrooms were turned into a hotel hallway and on our way to the toilets we had to walk through a hotel bedroom and a nasty and creepy bathroom.

Halloween Halloween

To be honest, I was completely terrified as we first walked down the stairs and had no idea what would meet us. We were greeted by the tallest clown ever who kept scaring us, until we after a while found out he was the nicest clown ever and just wanted to dance with us. The decorations were creepy, but they were also all so on-point that we were more impressed than terrified. As the “freak-show” started around 1am (dancers, fire eaters and more) it quickly became the best night ever and the hours seemed to just fly away as the clock was suddenly almost 3am. It was such a great night that I think Cirque Le Soir might be one of my favourite London clubs now, at least for halloween. If you are currently in London, be sure to check in to the Grand Hotel this Wednesday, Friday or Saturday, you will definitely not regret it.

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What: Cirque Le Soir / The Grand Hotel for halloween
Where: 15-21 Ganton St, W1F 9BN


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