I thought everything would get better as soon as I got back to London, but of course it did not. Let’s try to make this week a little better, here’s to new beginnings!

New Beginnings

We got back on Friday evening and I was ready for a weekend filled with everything I had been longing for the whole summer. Meeting up with friends, partying all night long, eating good food and shopping. Well, that did not quite happen. I ended up somehow getting food poisoning on my way here, so I spent the whole weekend in bed before heading out to UNI for a few hours last night, only to wake up even more ill today. Arhh life.

But. Here is to a new week and a new beginning. I have eaten, I am feeling better and life has a lot of exciting things planned for me these next upcoming weeks. Blog events, photoshoots, drinks and dinners + so many fun blogposts and videos to come as soon as possible! So here’s to new beginnings and (hopefully) a great time in London from now on.

And btw. thanks for all your love and support on my post about the changes in my life I am currently going through, I love you all!