I attended a House of Fraser press day today, and I ended up taking so many photos that it actually deserves two posts. As the press day was divided into “Women’s Fashion” and “Home” departments, I will divide my post into the same categories. Starting with…


FASHION! Of course. It is what we started the day with, so it is both chronologically correct and easiest when it comes to the photos. Because believe me, there are lots of photos.


The venue was so open and beautiful, with lots of natural lighting coming from the big windows, overlooking the city of London.

DSC00500-1We took our time walking around the venue, sipping on our elderflower cordials and enjoying some delicious fruit, while deciding on our favourite pieces for A/W.

DSC00452-1^I really wish I could pull off that colour…DSC00453-1DSC00480-1DSC00462-1^ Shades of red/ burgundy and black leather for autumnDSC00439-1DSC00503-1^ But then again, you can never go wrong with a little pink fluffDSC00474-1DSC00476-1^ Majestic vintage-looking pieces from BIBADSC00481-1DSC00482-1DSC00507-1DSC00541-1^Fringes forever

I really do not want to sound too biased, but House of Fraser has actually been one of my favourite stores ever since I moved to London. We have a big one right down the street (at Central Shopping Centre), and the first time I visited it I was amazed. It has three big floors, with Beauty and Accessories upstairs, Fashion in the middle and Home downstairs. Even though it is of course not big at all compared to the House of Fraser in Oxford street, it is massive enough for me. It is filled with so many of my favourite brands from before (Miss Selfridges, Oasis, Coach, Marc Jacobs, Mulberry, Ted Baker and so on), but I also quickly discovered lots of new favourites, including house brands like Linnea and BIBA. At the press day there was a good mix of brands, but a big majority of pieces from the house brands. My favourite brand from what was showcased was definitely Therapy, who had so many beautiful everyday two-pieces and dresses, in prints, cuts and fabrics inspired by the 70s.

DSC00509-1DSC00510-1 DSC00512-1 DSC00514-1

I literally took so many photographs take my camera ran out of battery, but can you blame me? Even though the sun was shining outside and I was happy not a wear a big coat and scarf 0n me, the beautiful A/W pieces almost made me wish for the cozy and beautiful autumn. But only almost; I want to enjoy a sunny summer first.

You can shop House Of Fraser here.