You know by looking at the title that this is going to be such a superficial post, but you know what? I don’t even care. I have always cared a lot about my hair, it is part of what makes me and my identity, and it has taken me going through a lot of different colours and styles before finding out how I wanted it to look. Now it is long, fun and dare I say more healthy than ever, so I have become very happy with it. How did I get it like that?Keep on reading, I’ll share all my secrets.

How to get long and beautiful hair

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I say secrets, because the first point is kind of a big “secret”. Okay, so not so much a secret, but a big deal and life changer. Drumroll please.


And to be honest, I never thought that would be something I would every say/ write. As my hair has always been quite long and full, I have turned down every opportunity working with extension companies in the past. But as I cut my hair for the summer, getting rid of all the dry and damaged parts, I started to realise that my hair is neither as long nor as thick as it once was. When I was younger I always had Rapunzel-long hair falling down to my bum, but as I have been getting older more and more has been cut off. Don’t get me wrong, it is still naturally long and quite thick, but I thought that adding some extensions would give it that extra length and volume that I long after for special occasions and shoots.

How to get long and beautiful hair

The lovely people over at Irresistible Me were the one who managed to win me over and finally try out extensions. I thought that if I was actually going to do it, I would not settle for second best. Which is why I decided to work with the american brand Irresistible Me Hair Extensions, who really know their stuff. They have been so helpful with everything along the process of choosing my extensions and colours, shipping and delivering them as quickly and good as possible, and then being helpful via email and their Youtube channel when it comes to how to actually wear and use my extensions (for all those completely-new-to-extentions girls like me).

How to get long and beautiful hair

Since I coloured my hair into a soft sombre look with dark roots and light ends in August, I was really unsure what to order when it came to the colour of my extensions. Luckily all I had to do was send some photos of my hair, and the people at Irresistible Me did the rest. They colour matched me and ended up with two choices that would suit me the best, either an ashy blonde which would work if I wanted a softer and cooler ombre, or a more golden honey shade if I wanted to keep the warm sombre. I of course wanted to keep my new sombre look, and went with the Honey Blond (#28) shade, hoping it would be the perfect one. When I received the package, I immediately opened the “tester” pocket, with a 3-clip extension I could use to see if the colour is actually correct (if not you can return it without opening it all), but as it was the most perfect shade for me I quickly opened and tried on the rest of the extensions as well. At the moment I have only been wearing one 3-clip and one 4-clip extension when wearing them, as you get such a good amount of hair and I haven’t really needed all the volume yet. As for the length I chose the 22″ which is the second longest (24″ is the longest) after looking at a very helpful length-guide they sent me. You also have to choose your weight on the extensions, how much hair you want, and I chose 200g (which is the biggest amount you can order) as I chose I quite long one and I wanted it to be as thick and full as natural.

Phew, that was a lot of extension talk.My go-to haircare products

Not making this post into a full extensions-ad (not my intension at all!), I thought I would move over to talking about my go-to haircare and styling products. Yes I do love my extensions, but firstly they are all new and secondly I do not wear them everyday, so for twenty years of my life and most days still it is just me and my natural hair. So how have I kept it as long and full while colouring and styling it as much? Through the use of good products, of course.


Having long hair is all good and well until you get the massive tangles. And they come a lot. Whenever someone is fixing or styling my hair they do tell me to let them know if they are hurting me, but to be honest I have not felt any pain in my hair since I was really young. I am just too used to it. My hair can tangle up really easily and for the most random reasons, so I always keep a brush at hand. I am of course saved by the Tangleteezer, which has been my go-to brush for the last couple of years. It brushes through everything and it does not hurt one tiny bit. Also the size makes it super easy to pop into any bag I am taking with me, or even in the pockets of my jacket. Genius! But I do also like to have a larger and better quality brush at home for styling and morning brushing, especially now to keep my extensions good and detangled, so when I recieved the Large Paddle Brush from Beauty Works* last week, I was really happy! This brush is so big and sturdy, and with the mixed bristles it is perfect for protecting the scalp, gently de-tangling hair and reducing static. Bristle brushes are the key to shiny, healthy hair and you can seriously both see and feel how shiny and healthy this brush leaves your hair.


Washing your hair is of course essential to keeping it shiny and healthy, but the key is actually not to wash it too often. I have never been the girl to shower her hair everyday and so I probably never will be, but recently I have tried to cut down on my hair washing, going from every other day to 2-3 times a week. In the beginning this will leave your hair both feeling and looking greasy, and for those days Batiste Dry Shampoo is definitely my saviour. I like to try out the different scents and editions, and at the moment I have four different ones standing in the bathroom (whoopsie), but they are all such a big favourite of mine. Big sized for home, travel sized for on the go! And then on those days that I actually do wash my hair in the shower, I always reach for the Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner. These are affordable and drugstore (I always get mine at 3 for 2 at Boots), but I have just not found any product that does the job better, so why pay double the prize for saloon shampoos? I love trying out a few different shampoos , and I definitely mix in some colour save ones every now and then, but the Miracle Moist has  to be my all time favourite. Aussie has a lot of other ranges as well if moisture is not really what you are in the need for, but for me it leaves my hair feeling so shiny and so moist that I would never change it for anything else!


One thing I have never been good at, is styling products. I always keep a huge range of different hair sprays and other products in my bathroom, but I just rarely reach for them. I like to keep my hair as natural as possible, I do not style a lot of big and crazy hairdos, and when I do I most certainly forget the hairspray. But what I am committed to though is taking care of my hair, so the products I use are mostly more for protection and care than actual hold and shine. The first thing I always use is a good hair oil whenever coming out of the shower, and my go-to is of course the famous Moroccan Oil. It gives my hair that extra moisture and shine, and it keeps my splits as healthy as possible. After taking a shower and applying some oil, I often like to make a large braid (while my hair is still wet) and sleep with it overnight to create natural waves for the next day. But, on those days when my hair does not look naturally good no matter what I try, I love to add some curls using a curling iron. Especially now with my extensions, I like to clip in the extensions at first and then curl my hair, naturally blending the extensions in while curling it together with my natural hair. Whenever I do curl or straighten my hair using a hot tool, I make sure to use a heat protector. I recently picked up the Batiste Heat & Shine spray from their new range of hair sprays, and I absolutely love it! It is so simple and lightweight, and it also has a soothing scent to it. I also picked up the Batiste Frizz Tamer while I was at it, for those days when all the baby hairs just don’t seem to sit still. Batiste has a lot of new hairstyling products available now (I picked up mine at Boots), so I would definitely recommend go and having a look if you are in the hunt for some affordable good quality hair sprays.


Okay so last but not least (saving the best for last?), I wanted to take a paragraph and talk about the most amazing scrunchies that I got sent a few weeks ago. Along my Beauty Blender which you may remember me writing about, I also got sent an extreme amount of Invisibobbles*, which are basically hair rings like you have never seen before. They are basically amazing in every way, being traceless, avoiding headaches, giving a strong grip for all hair types without leaving any split ends. They are so gentle and easy to your hair that they will do no harm, only good. You can find Invisibobble in a huge variety of colours (I got everything from hot pink to clear) and you will get them in a small box of three when purchasing. Definitely worth investing in if you are using a lot of hair ties and you are wearing your hair up a lot, as this can really damage your hair and scalp in the long run!

*The extensions, Beauty Works Brush and Invisibobbles are sponsored


Wow, so those were all my hair secrets and favourites. Sorry not sorry about the long read! I really hope you enjoyed this post, I know it is a bit different. Let me know if you have any further questions or if anything was unclear, and also be sure to share your hair secrets and favourites!