It’s a new week and we are officially in the middle of June. Even though my summer break started early, I am now back home working, so I am finally starting to feel like this is it. As my job is not a 9-5 but a mix of some mornings, some daytimes and some evenings at the store, it is easy to fall out of the routines I am used to from uni.  Therefore, I am trying my best to do some small things, to help start my days better.


Get up! As I have some early mornings and other late evenings or days completely off, it is easy to fall into the trap off sleeping in and doing nothing on my days off. Even though you should of course allow yourself to do that if you need to once in a while, it should not turn into an everyday habit. Therefore, no matter what plans I have, I always try to get up a bit early in the morning, so that I do not waste a whole day. By that I do not mean that you should have your alarm at 6am every morning, but just do not sleep until 12-1pm every day either. I try to wake up around 9-10am, which gives me plenty of time in the morning and the rest of the day.

Bathroom routines! I think it is so important to have good morning bathroom routines, so that you take care of your skin and body all year round, but especially during the summer. I always go straight to the bathroom when I wake up, where I wash my face with fresh water, use my cleanser and then apply a good moisturiser. It does not need to be much more than that, but just be sure that you are aware of your skin from the moment you wake up. Also remember to use sun lotion, of course!

Always make time for breakfast! I know so many people who do not eat breakfast, either because they do not want to or because they do not have the time. I can never understand those people, and always tell them the same thing, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”. Always plan time for a good breakfast when setting your alarm up, and not just a few minutes so that you can grab something on the go. I have always been a breakfast person, and I love to have time to make eggs, pancakes, smoothies, juices and similar, as a great way to start the day and refuel my body and mind.

Get outside! If you have a day off it is easy to stay inside, in your pjs, staring at the tv or your computer for many hours before getting outside. This is not a good way to start your day, neither for your body nor mind. Instead, you should try to get dressed as quickly as possible and get outside for some fresh air. I suppose it is easier for me who have a dog whom I have to walk, but if you do not, there is still always a reason. Go get the mail, walk to the store instead of driving, or just go for a walk or run around the neighbourhood. No matter what you do, it wakes up both your body and mind and give you a fresh start to the day.

Most importantly, Relax! I hate stressing and running around looking for something in panic last minute, therefore I always make sure to have lots of time on my hands in the morning, in addition to planning and preparing as much as possible the day before. The worst thing you can do is to start your day with stress and a bad mood, so make sure you are fully rested, that you have planned your morning, and that you have time to do everything you need to, plus some extra time just for relaxing.

How do you start your day?

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