I honestly do not think there is anything I love more in life than chocolate. Combine that with a relaxing hot bath, and you basically have it all right? Let me introduce to you a new favourite of mine, which will beat any Lush-bathbomb you have ever been thinking about getting:


Joik White Chocolate Bath Truffles* is the classiest and most exclusive bath “bombs” I have ever tried. They come in a cute chocolate-bar format which gives you six individual truffles, perfect for six relaxing baths. Pour yourself a glass of wine, bring your favourite book and put on some relaxing music, and I will guarantee you the greatest and most relaxing bath ever. The truffles melt and give a slight fizz, releasing the smell of white chocolate. Your skin will be left feeling smooth, moisturised and velvety. If that sounds like something for you, or a gift to a great friend who has it all and deserves some indulgence, you can find them here.

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