Insomnia is the inability to get the amount of sleep you need to wake up feeling rested and refreshed. I myself have struggled with the sleep disorder for years. Experiencing difficulties falling asleep, restlessly waking up countless times during the night and not feeling refreshed when I wake up in the morning. To try to cure it I have done my best to improve my nighttime routine, but I still find myself struggling with sleeping the whole night through uninterrupted. Not too long ago I ordered a product which made the promise to improve my sleep and tiredness. Today I wanted to introduce it as my Beauty Product of the Week and share my experiences with it:

Insomnia Cure, DeepSleep Pillow Spray

The This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is a best-selling, natural sleep aid that will fragrance your bed and calm the nerves. It is infused with 100% natural essential oils of Lavender, Vetiver and Wild Chamomile. The French Lavender combines therapeutic qualities to relieve tension and insomnia with a fresh and sweet floral smell. The Vetiver helps to alleviate stress, settling the nerves and establishing a feeling of balance. And finally, the Wild Chamomile’s relaxing aroma deeply soothes, with an almost sedative effect to calm body and mind.

It claims to help you fall asleep faster, naturally and wake up refreshed – the best beauty secret there is. The test results seem astonishing and almost too good to be true: ‘clinically proven’ findings claim that 89% of its users are falling asleep faster than normal and 92% are waking up feeling more refreshed in the morning. Can an essential oil spray really cure my insomnia?

Insomnia Cure, DeepSleep Pillow Spray

The answer is both yes and no. No, because insomnia is a sleep disorder which can not be fully recovered only by using a pillow spray. In the process to cure insomnia you have to make lifestyle alterations and make better nighttime routines for yourself. In some cases you should talk to your doctor, if you fear you might be suffering from anxiety or depression. I am not going to tell you that this spray will take those feelings away. What it will do is what it promise to: leave you feeling refreshed and having a more soothing night’s sleep. Things you lack with insomnia.

For me personally, spraying this to my pillow before going to sleep has left me feeling more relaxed and calm. I am falling asleep quicker than ever before into a deeper sleep than I have done in a long time. Still I experience some good and some bad nights of sleep, but in general, I feel like my sleeping pattern has become better. I wake up a lot more refreshed, a feeling which continues throughout the day. I can’t promise you that this is a miracle cure to get rid of insomnia, but a recommended helping hand to calm some of the symptoms along the process.this_works_Deep_Sleep_Pillow_Spray_75ml_1367941468.png




  • Fast acting, natural way to restore normal sleep
  • Fairly Traded Ingredients
  • 100% natural essential oils
  • French Lavender relieve tension and insomnia
  • Vetiver helps to alleviate stress
  • Wild Chamomile soothes and calms your body and mind
  • Paraben Free
  • Vegan Friendly