Art is something I have never fully understood nor known much about, but that has always interested me. One of the great things about living in London is that there is so much you can have a look at, and often it is also free. I don’t know much about art myself, but I do get interested and fascinated by a lot, and I do like to explore what is free. Culture has always been one of my biggest loves, and I want to explore as much different as possible. Vilde and me therefore took a quick trip by Joseph Kosuth’s exhibition in Mayfair today, before having some food and drinks. Vilde was the one who had read about it, and we both thought it sounded cool to have a look at.

The exhibition consists of three rooms filled with words/ sentences in neon lights. It is quite abstract and simple, but also meaningful and deep at the same time, and it is a great atmosphere when you walk around and look and read. A lot of the artwork were incredibly nice and exciting in different ways, and it was definitely a good trip. What fascinated me the most, was that the artwork is made between 1960-2011, which means that a lot of it is “quite old”. This seems a bit strange thinking about it, since it looks really “modern” and unique, it was quite unreal that a lot of the pieces were more than 50 years old. The exhibition is appropriately sized and easy to have a look through, and it is a very nice place to stop by before doing something else/ if you are in the neighborhood (Mayfair). Like I said, it is free of charge, and you really do get a totally different experience and impression when you see it for yourself, compared to looking at the photos, so I do recommend everyone to have a look. But do hurry, because the exhibition ends at the 14th of February! 


What: Joseph Kosuth exhibition
Where: Sprüth Magers, Mayfair
Price£££££ (free)