If you have followed my blog for a while, you will know all about my love for Lilash. A few weeks ago I got a rather exciting email from them, as one of their top 20 beauty influencers, wondering if I was interested in trying out their newest beauty launch before it was released on the market. I of course immediately replied with a big YES, and today I can finally share the all new products with new. Let me introduce Lilash Eye Silk {sponsored}:

Lilash Eye Silk

Lilash is known for their Eyelash and Eyebrow serums, which helps your lashes and brows grow longer and fuller. But now they have decided to expand their business and start selling some amazing liquid eyeshadows. Lilash Eye Silk are long-lasting, non-creasing, highly pigmented shades which definitely give you what they promise. When you buy their all new Eye Silk set you get three different shades of their Eye Silk, pluss a Lilash Eyelash Serum to help grow those lashes. Did anyone say perfect Christmas gift?

Lilash Eye Silk

The three shades they have chosen are bold, big and beautiful. Lilac (left) is a bold and bright purple colour which might look a bit intimidating at first glance. But by blending and mixing this colour in, you can create some gorgeous day and night looks. Beach Bronze (middle) is definitely my favourite colour; a warm and rich brown which suits every eye colour perfectly. Gunmetal is also a beautiful shade, a deep black shimmer with green and lilac undertones. If you want a quick and easy smokey eye, this is the shade to go for.

I decided to create two quick and beautiful glam fall looks for you, which you can easily recreate for yourself:

Bronzed Vamp
Beach Bronze + Berry Lips

Lilash Eye Silk Lilash Eye Silk

This is my absolute favourite look using Lilash Eye Silk and a simple go-to Autumn/ Winter look for every occasion. I applied the Beach Bronze Eye Silk all over my lid using the applicator, then smudged it out a bit with a blending brush. I kept on adding more and blending until I achieved the result I wanted. I also smudged some Beach Bronze on my lower lash line. I added a tiny line of Lilac over my lash line for a pop of colour. Plenty of mascara, bronzer and highlight for that glam look. On my lips I used MACs Diva, a deep cool berry tone. The Beach Bronze shade is really versatile and goes with right about any lip colour, but for fall I love the combination of bronze + deep lips.

Dramatic Smokey Glam
Gunmetal + Red lips

Lilash Eye Silk Lilash Eye Silk

I normally don’t go for a smokey eye that often, mostly due to the fact that when I use powder eyeshadow it gets so messy and patchy. But as soon as I swatched the Gunmetal shade, I knew I wanted to create a dark dramatic smokey eye. I simply applied it all over my lid using the applicator and then smudged it out using a blending brush. I also applied a line on my lower lash line, really framing my eye. I added tons of mascara and some more bronzer to make my face look not-so-pale. To complete the dramatic look I went for a mate red lip, using MACs Cherry lipliner and Ruby Woo lipstick.

What do you think about the looks and of course the shadows themselves? Any new Christmas wishes?
(The product is not up for sale yet but it goes live today so I will update the post with the link as soon as possible)


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