Afternoon tea is something I have wanted to try out ever since I got to London, and this Sunday I finally got the chance to go. Afternoon tea is a very typical English tradition, which you should really try out when you have the chance. Some of the most famous places to go are fancy hotels like The Ritz, where I would of course love to try out one day, but for now that is a bit too expensive for my student life. The thing that a lot of people don’t know/ expect though, is that there are so many other options than these expensive formal hotels, when it comes to having an afternoon tea. Me and Isabelle decided on finding something in the price range of £15-25, and we still had a lot to choose from!

We ended up falling in love with the cute café called “Bake-a-boo”, which had afternoon tea every Friday-Sunday, with prices from £18. We quickly got really exciting after looking through the menu and stalking Instagram photos, and decided to book straight away. For most afternoon tea’s you have to book in advance, and we also had to pay 50% upfront, which was really no problem. We booked for Sunday at 1pm, which was a perfect time for a little afternoon-tea snack and relaxation.

Bake-a-boo is hard to miss when you are getting close to it, with it’s pink logo and matching chairs and tables outside, decorated with colorful confetti. The second you enter the small café you smell a delicious scent that is a mixture of freshly baked cupcakes and cakes, together with all different sorts of steaming hot tea. The café is small and narrow, but it is just as you would expect it to be. The ceiling is covered with different sorts of decorations, hearts, pompoms and other pink and pastel colored prettiness. On your plate there is a pink menu, with the long list of tea selections on one side. We both started of with a “Strawberry and Kiwi” tea, but you can choose different ones. You can also change it out to different ones, during your meal (we later tried the Indian Darjeeling).

As for the food itself, it can only be described as delicious. Looking at the photos I long for the finger sandwiches and sweets, and I bet your mouth is watering. The lovely layer-tray on our table had three layers of goodies, and we started at the bottom with the finger sandwiches. White and brown bread with four different toppings (hummus, cream cheese, egg-salad and cucumber), they were really the perfect start, and to be honest I wish there were more of them. The next layer had delicious freshly baked english scones and cakes, which we cut in half and topped up with fresh cream and strawberry jam (which we got in the cutest heart-shaped bowls ever). After the second layer I was practically already super full, but on the top awaited my favorite treats ever: chocolate covered strawberries and cupcakes, so I had to take one for the team (myself). I can really not remember the last time I felt as full as after finishing that meal, but it was worth it on so many levels, and it makes me want to go back and have some more right this second.


What: Bake-a-boo
Where: 86 Mill Lane, Greater London NW6 1NL
Price£££££ (£18 for regular Afternoon Tea, other options more expensive)