Last Wednesday me and the girls had a trip to Shoreditch, where we ate at a truly unique and different café, the Cereal Killer Café. The name itself gives off a lot, this is actually a café serving cereal! It is still quite new (opened autumn 2014), and everyone who has heard of it really wants to go, so it was fun to finally try it out. Having lunch there is completely different from what you might be used to from other cafés, with eggs, pancakes and salads, but that is really the fun of it. It might sound a bit “unnecessary” at first, since you can eat cereal with milk at home any time, but I promise you: this café has a lot bigger selection than your cupboard.  

From the second you enter the café you are immediately met with the enormous selection of cereals, as they are also work as decorations on the walls. They have every cereal box that you can imagine, which you can mix together, top of with delicious toppings and then finally finish with some milk, in you preferable flavor. If you do not wish to choose all of this yourself (or if you simply cannot choose from the wide selection), there is a menu on the wall with different “cocktails”, which are cereals, toppings and milk-selections mixed together for a “cocktail”. We ended up choosing a different cocktail each, and they all looked delicious! Mine was a mix of golden nuggets, marshmallow mateys, a twinkie (!) and normal whole milk, and in addition I chose to top it up with some Oreos. Craziest cereal bowl I have ever eaten, but also the best ever, and I want to recreate one so much right now.


What: Cereal Killer Café
Where: Shoreditch – 139 Brick Lane, London E1 6SB