I have said it before and I will most likely say it again: I am not the biggest fan of burgers. Not at all. Yes, I somehow fell completely in love with Shake Shack, and I enjoy a fresh burger from the BBQ occasionally in the summer, but it has never been a favourite. Still, when a restaurant-chain has as much great reviews and hype as Five Guys, I can’t help but trying it out for myself.


The american menu is simple; there is hamburgers, hot dogs and fries, and loooots of free toppings. To me, the regular cheese burger sounds a bit pricey at first (around £8), but there is a reason for that: it is actually double. So for me, a small cheese burger was more than enough, paired with some fries and all-american soda. 

What is so amazing at Five Guys (at least the one at Westfield!), is that after ordering and paying, you can look at the food being made right before your eyes. Just be sure not to be too enchanted, as you have to keep an ear up for your order being called at the end.


After the queueing and waiting, you get your food in a propper paper bag and you fill your cup up with the soda of your choice (from the oh-so many choices). This is fast food, just how it’s supposed to be.  I like my burgers quick, simple and delicious, and that is exactly what you get at “Five Guys”. Wrapped in aluminum foil, in a paper bag and with some fries in a paper cup, you get a simple and quick meal – that taste delicious! Even though Shake Shack will still forever be my favorite (this could not fully lead up to that), “Five Guys” is a great option, and quite similar. It is real, easy and quick fast food, and of course the price is budget friendly!

Having tried the cheeseburgers, fries and grilled cheese-sandwich, I would definitely recommend all of them. After my second meal here, I had to admit that the fries are actually the best I have ever tasted, surprisingly (and a bit sadly) beating Shake Shack. When it comes to the burger, I think it lacks the “Shack Sauce” that makes the Shake Shack burger the best burger ever, but for my boyfriend (who likes his burgers all plain – without the sauce) they are both just as good!

What: Five Guys
Where: Westfield Shopping Centre (but also locations in Central, Kingston and so on)

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