Last saturday was Simon’s birthday, and we celebrated at the amazing restaurant “Franco Manca”. Since we are both pizza-lovers, we really wanted to try out some good London pizza, and after googling a bit we really wanted to try the amazing-looking pizza at Franco Manca. Franco Manca is an Italian pizza chain, with 10 restaurants around the London-area, serving sourdough pizzas. We went to the one at Tottenham Court Road, and walked from Oxford Circus after a bit of shopping. It wasn’t to hard to spot when we got there, since there was a long queue outside the restaurant. After waiting in it for about 10-15 minute (worth it!), we got in and got to order some pizzas as well.

When we got a table we quickly read through the menu, and decided what to order. I ordered the Number 2, a classic Margarita, and Simon ordered one with some delicious ham on as well. Ordering at Franco Manca is quite easy, as there is not “too much to choose from”. You have a few different pizzas and pizza toppings, including todays specials. Other than that you can choose from some salads, a few starters and drinks, and lastly desserts. To drink I had a glass of wine and Simon had a beer, both of which Franco Manca’s original, as everything else in the restaurant. I also asked the waiter (after we had ordered, so Simon wouldn’t hear it) if it would be possible to make Simon’s pizza heart-shaped, which was no problem at all. A nice little surprise on his birthday! We both loved our pizzas, drinks and dessert (ice cream), and I really can’t wait to go back. I recommend it to everyone to try one of the Franco Manca restaurants, you will not regret it! 


What: Franco Manca, Sourdough Pizza
Where: Tottenham Court Road 
Price: £££££ (£25.15 for 2 pizzas, 1 beer, 1 glass of wine and 2 ice cram scoops)

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