South Kensington-trip with Georgina today resulted in 4 hours at V&A museum, too much good food, and far too many photos to share with you. The great thing about going out with another blogger is the understanding of  the need to take photos everywhere and of everything. We took a lot of fashion/outfit photos of each other inside V&A and outside around in South Kensington. I had never been to South Kensington before, and I was surprised by the beauty of this part of London! The gorgeous-looking white houses, all of the small cute cafés and restaurants, and of course all the great museums. We spent so much time walking through V&A, and to be honest I think we did not even see half of it. Now I have a load of photos to look through and edit, before planning a great deal of new posts!

Le Pain is where we ended up for lunch today, and it was such a great lunch spot! We came in the middle of lunch time, and had to queue for a bit to get a sit, and luckily we ended up with a perfect (blogger) spot; we got our own little corner by the window. We ended up sharing a organic Bread Basket with Jams and Spreads, in addition to getting a Pain Au Chocolate and a Belgian Hot Chocolate each. Never too much chocolate, but far too much food! The hot chocolate was served in a “completely” different way then what we usually get at cafés; we got a cup (/bowl) of steamed milk, and a small jug of melted chocolate. As you can see at the photos above, we had so much fun “making our own hot chocolate”. 


What: Le Pain Bakery/ Café
Where: South Kensington (and all around London)

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