At our day trip to Brighton a few weeks ago, we ate lunch at an amazing hamburger restaurant; Lucky Beach. The road down the beach, towards the Brighton Pier, is full of different restaurants and small shops, so there is really a lot to pick from when it comes to food. To be honest we ended up on this particular restaurant because we are both suckers for advertising and reviews; Lucky Beach is actually voted Top 3 Hamburger Place in the UK! We ended up at a small cute table outside, with a great view of the beach and pier. We had one hamburger with chips each, and just a pepsi for drinks. I always hate admitting that I am really not a burger person, I never order burgers when I am out at a restaurant, but this one I just had to try, and I loved it! The size was perfect (I hate when the burgers are so big that I end up eating less than half of it!) and both the chips, the burger, the bun and everything tasted so fresh and home made, and I can understand why they are voted top 3 in the UK. A really good tips for lunch/ dinner if you’re going to Brighton!


What: Lucky Beach, Brighton Burger
Where: Brighton, 183 King Road Arches

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