Camden was really fun yesterday, but it is sooooo crowded! I love walking around the same busy tourist places as everyone else, and yesterday we had a really tourist kind of day, but I get so exhausted by all the people everywhere. After a few trips up and down the street and into a few of the shops, we walked down one of the side roads with lots of different restaurants, for some lunch. Even though we were only a few meters away from the busy street, we almost had the restaurant all to ourselves, and it felt so nice and relaxing!

Pizza lunch, of course. This time it was “authentic napoletanian pizza” with spicy salami, yum! (As you might know by now) I love trying out new pizzas here in London, especially italian ones, and this one did really not disappoint me. “Rossopomodoro” has 8 restaurants around in the London area, including locations in Camden, Covent Garden, Oxford Street and Chelsea. They describe themselves as “the best pizza on this side of Naples”, and I have to say it really was a truly delicious, authentic italian, pizza. The pizza is made with sour dough, just like Franco Manca, which makes it extra good in my opinion (/ in my taste). With a huge beautiful venue, great restaurant locations and good prices, I really recommend this restaurant if you would like a quick (we got our food after 5 minutes, if you do not get it in 30 minutes it is free!), affordable and delicious lunch/dinner at a restaurant, for instance the next time you are in Camden.


What: Rossopromodoro, Napoletanian pizza
Where: Camden

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