I love animals more than anything else, so when we had a day to spare I insisted on spending it at the London Zoo.

London Zoo

We traveled to the London Zoo at Saturday morning, and spent the whole day looking around at all the cute animals. The Zoo is so big and you can find so many cute and cool animals, and I was so happy to see animals as Sloths and Slow Lorris, which is a few of my favourite animals! Other than that we attended a penguin show, as there were so many great shows throughout the day. The Zoo also had a big restaurant with a lot of yummy food, where we ate some proper fish and chips. A lovely day spent in London, with the animals and the shining sun. Something a bit different than all the usual London-shopping!


What: London Zoo
Where: Regent’s Park
Price£££££ (£25 for 1 adult)

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