I am so excited to finally do a new London-Food post, especially since it is such a good one!


As both me and Simon are now officially done with all of our exams, and we have a short week before we travel back to Norway, I kind of want to make the most out of every day ahead. I have quite a few exciting things planned before going home (Summer Ball, photoshoots and blogger events), but most of all I just want to do what I love the most: walk around in London and discover new places.

Even though the weather wasn’t the greatest when we woke up today (more like the grayest…),  we still decided to head into central for a new adventure. We were hungry, and in the mood for some breakfast food…


After scrolling through buzzfeed for some inspiration, we found a new article with “19 Breakfasts Everyone Must Eat In London“. Down the list we found “Pellicci’s”, an Italian café/ restaurant which supposedly served the best Full English in London. We were intrigued.

We walked from Whitechapel station down the narrow and unfamiliar streets leading to Bethnal Green Road. The sun wasn’t exactly shining and we were not sure where we were walking, but as we turned the corner and noticed the small café, we immediately felt at home. We decided to sit at one of the small tables outside, and started with some drinks while having a look through the menu. We knew what we wanted, the Full English, but had a lot to choose from as we could “pick and mix” what we wanted on our plate. Bacon, eggs, beans, chips, hash browns, tomatoes, sausage, mushrooms, toast and so much was listed, and we both chose our favourites to specialise our meal.

DSC00418-1DSC00421-1 DSC00419-1

We did not have to wait too long before the food was ready, and we could finally dig in. I am often scared that my high expectations of “the best ever” something won’t be fulfilled, but I did not at all need to worry when it came to this place. The food was even better than I could ever imagine.

It is full english, and not gourmet food. It is supposed to be proper and good, messy and full, not pretty or esthetic. And that is exactly what we got, a big plate filled with proper, home made, filling food. It is simple, but still far better than everywhere else I have tasted the same dish. My definite favourite wash the home cooked chips, which is the best chips I have ever tasted, seriously! Together with the rest of it, it was such a good meal, and I am so happy that we went there. DSC00425-1

But, I think the most important part is that it is not only about the food itself. Pellicci’s is an Italian family restaurant, full of life and joy. The people working there are the friendliest and cutest ever, and they seem to treat everyone like family. They joke around, tell us stories and actually care about their customers. They even gave me a cheeky treat for take away, on the house: DSC00432-1If you are looking for a great full English, or a cozy Italian meal, at a simple and warm café/restaurant, Pellicci’s is definitely the place to go. The prices are also incredibly good, so why not try it out for yourself?

What: Pellicci’s Café/ Restaurant
Where: 332 Bethnal Green Road