I just need to clear my mind now
It’s been racin’ since the summertime


I have always hated early mornings. And by early, I mean really early. Over the past few weeks I have enjoyed waking up around 9am to get some work done in the morning, and when uni starts again next week I will have to set my alarm at 7am on some days, but anything earlier than that is excruciating. I always prefer and choose late evening/ night flights over morning ones, simply due to this fact that I can’t make my body to function properly any earlier than 7am. So why did I then put the alarm at 4.30 am yesterday? Well, for the view of course.

Yoga1 yoga2 Yoga3

These photos might look like they have been taken on a late night stroll, but they have not. When I arrived at London Bridge, the city was still asleep, and only a few people and cars were to be seen. These photos are the results of a 5.30am walk through the dark and quiet streets of London, catching the atmosphere of people traveling to work and going for a jog, within the hours I usually always spend in my bed far away in my dreams. I had never experienced a London like this before, and to be honest I am not too sure I ever will again. So while being just me, my thoughts and the city, I could not help but to stop for a minute, take some photos and breath in the early hour atmosphere. I was on my way to yoga, and I already felt more relaxed and happy than I had in such a long time.


I met with Georgina at the tube station, and we found or way to Sky Garden, following other 20-something girls with yoga mats in their hands and passion in their eyes. The lift took us up to the 35th floor, where a stunning panoramic view of London awaited us. Relaxing music was playing, the floor was covered in yoga mats, and you could feel the mixture of excitement and nervousness in the room. London was a bit foggy and still not entirely awake, but through the course of our class we got to experience the sun rising and the city waking up.


There is something so special about yoga. Taking full control of your mind and body, only through focusing on your breath and moving in ways you don’t normally do. It is strengthening, both physically and psychologically, and it leaves you with such a good feeling when finished. Our instructor told us to dedicate our session to someone or something we love, and to keep them in mind throughout the whole class. I chose to dedicate it to myself. Not because I don’t have a lot of people and things whom I love in my life, I am blessed with so much love from all around the world, but because (without sounding too cliché) I think it is important to always remember to love yourself. When going through hard times, it is easy to blame yourself or loose yourself along the process, so taking a moment to really appreciate and love yourself is such an important thing to do. It made me have one hour where my only focus in the world was me and my wellbeing, something that can easily be taken for granted in a hectic everyday life.


Doing the Sky Garden Yoga was such an amazing experience, and sharing it with my bestie and favourite blogger Georgina from Notes La Mode made it all even better! It is important to keep your friends close and plan fun things to do, and even though we haven’t seen each other all summer we did plan this a few months ago, having something to look forward to when finally seeing each other again!

As the time was not even early morning when the class finished, we decided to stay for a while at the amazing venue, enjoying a yummy breakfast, a cup of coffee and some much needed girl talk.


Be sure to do a Sky Garden Yoga if you ever get the chance when in London, it is really something you have to experience.
Also check out Georgina’s blogpost on the experience and follow her blog! 


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