After my “stay” at the Halloween Grand Hotel, I was in the need of a fabulous recovery. What better than an amazing girls lunch with wine followed by a Chanel Exhibition? Come follow me on my latest adventures:

Chanel Exhibition, Lunch     Chanel Exhibition

I have always been a sucker for the class and elegance of Chanel, like most girls and boys I am sure. Longing to someday own a Chanel bag of my own (who wouldn’t?), I have for now contented myself with the small luxuries of Chanel perfumes and other beauty products. But, when the chance comes along to have an exclusive look inside the mind of the women that is Coco Chanel herself, walking through her collections and inspiration inside the Saatchi Gallery for free, you surely can’t say anything but yes.

Chanel Exhibition, LunchChanel ExhibitionChanel Exhibition, Lunch

Me and some of my blogger besties, Georgina from Notes la Mode and Bethany from Bethany Avenoir, where in the need of some catching up and a fun day out in central during our hectic reading week. We met quite early in the day, but as we immediately saw the massive queue and were to be honest all feeling a bit peckish, we decided to grab lunch first. And by lunch we mean wine and something small to eat. We got a table at Patridges, were I went for the Asparagus wrapped in Parma ham served with a poached egg, while they chose each their delicious sandwich. We ate, drank, laughed and talked about everything from blogging to art. Very sophisticated indeed.

After a long lunch we finally felt ready to get in the massive line outside, but luckily it did look a lot worse than it actually was and we did not queue for that long at all. Yayy! Inside we were met with the most beautiful sights everywhere, and we all went picture crazy on our cameras. You will see why:

Chanel ExhibitionChanel ExhibitionChanel ExhibitionChanel ExhibitionChanel ExhibitionChanel ExhibitionChanel ExhibitionChanel Exhibition

It was all such a virtual and unique experience with information, voice overs, virtual effects and an unique app which you could download and follow around the exhibition and it would give you more inside information. I did love it downstairs with Coco’s history and inspirations, but upstairs was where I was absolutely blown away: here we could see some of her carefully selected haute couture pieces, in addition to her original 1930s diamond collection, both on the mannequins and on some amazing photography featuring modern celebrities. Unfortunately the photos did not turn out as great upstairs, as it was in two dark rooms with really strong light spots, so you will just have to go and see it for yourself. But hurry, the exhibition finishes on the 1st of November, so be sure to go this week!


What: Madame Privé, Chanel exhibition
Where: Saatchi Gallery
Price: £££££ free!

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