I knew I hadn’t been blogging for a while, but I didn’t realise that it had actually been this long. My last post was in May, and it’s now August. Where did June and July go? Well, I guess I could blame it on work and poor wifi-connections (which is true). But to be honest it hasn’t really entered my mind to blog. I have been enjoying the freedom of summer vacation and life in Norway too much. I have been writing a few posts at Unwritten, and posting some Instagram and snapchat-photos here and there. But other than that I have spent a minimal amount of time on my phone, laptop and social media. And it’s been so refreshing.

I am slowly beginning to prepare for university and student life again, and I am really excited to get back to London. This summer I have worked on bettering my mental and physical health, through exercise, good food, good friends and mindfulness. I have started working out 3-4 times a week (after not really exercising at all for a year…), I wake up and meditate around 8-9 am every morning and I read before going to bed every night. These small changes in my lifestyle have really improved my mental and physical health, without hardly any effort. Hopefully I will be able to continue these routines as university starts again. They do really not take up a lot of time at all, but they do make a huge difference.

I wanted to share some tips and personal favourites I have discovered recently. Hopefully they will inspire you:


  • Exercise: I have never before felt as inspired to work out as I am now. I think the reason is that I have found workout exercises that works for me and that I really enjoy. To me, motivation and inspiration is key when it comes to exercising. Find videos on Youtube and Instagram, try out new fun exercises and vary your workouts. And most important of all, have realistic goals and aspirations.
  • Meditation: There are of course a lot of different ways to get into meditation. As a total newbie I found it very motivating to get some start-up help. I use the free app “Breathe” on my phone to track and vary my meditations, and I absolutely love it. Even though I am sure there are many other great meditation apps, I personally prefer “Breathe“. It has a lot of great and motivational features, including emotion tracking, personalised meditations and progress stickers.
  • Mindfulness: To me, meditation and mindfulness goes hand in hand. Meditating through “Breathe” was what got me aware of mindfulness in the first place. Through meditation, breathing, relaxing and awareness of my thoughts, I have become more cautious of my own though patterns. I tend to overthink and stress in unnecessary situations. But through mindfulness I have learnt and adapted for instance breathing techniques to stop me from doing this, and keeping my mind clear from distractions. (I recommend the meditation “Lion Mind” from “Breathe”).
  • Music: I have always loved music, but this summer I have spent a lot more time creating personal playlists and listening to music that I enjoy and feel connected to. I alternate between different playlists and genres. And I have again realised how important music is in my life and how much of a difference it can make emotionally. Check out my Summer/ Everyday, Work/ Relax and HipHop/ Guilty Pleasure playlists.
  • Food: I love food and I would never deny myself something or start a diet. But I think it is important to be aware of what you’re eating, when and why. I like to think that I follow the “non-diet” where I try my best to be healthy and rational, but I also like to treat myself whenever I feel like it. I think it is important to think about the consequences of our food, not only for ourselves but also for our whole planet. Even though I don’t think I could ever go fully vegan or vegetarian, I believe that everyone should do something. I usually eat vegan breakfasts (musli with berries, fruit and soy/almond-milk), vegetarian lunches (something with egg for example) and then meat/fish for dinner. I also try to have at least one vegetarian day a week. Even just one day a week can make a huge difference.
  • Poetry: As I have always been a lover of the written word, literature and poetry has always moved me, and lately I have fallen back in love with poetry. I can spend hours watching Performance Poetry on Youtube, and some of my favourites include Sarah Key and Neil Hilborn. Their words and performances always move me, even though I’ve heard their words spoken at least a hundred times before. I have also fallen in love with the simple joy of “Instagram-poetry”, where especially the words of the famous R.M.Drake always seem to inspire me.


I know this post ended up being quite a lengthy one, but I guess that’s what happens when I haven’t posted anything for that long. I do of course want to get back into writing and posting regularly again, and I found that this was a great post to start with. My minor lifestyle changes this summer has left me feeling more calm and content than ever before. Hopefully this post might help you start feeling the same, and focusing on putting yourself and your physical and mental health first. It is so important to take care of yourself in this stressful and competitive world ♡