December is here (crazy right?) and I am sure I am not the only one dealing with lots of work and deadlines at the moment. But still I think it is important to take time of to hang out with friends and enjoy this festive month. At least that is what I, Georgina and Bethany did last week, when we met up for a festive shoot for Miriam Salat Christmas Campaign:

Miriam Salat Christmas

Bloggers (from left): Bethany Avenoir, Notes La Mode and The Stylish Cupcake
Jewellery by Miriam Salat {ad}
Photography by Jade Greenbrooke Photography

We met up at Southbank, all craving a warm coffee. It was surprisingly not that chilly outside, so we sat down for a while. Catching up over coffee is one of my favourite things to do, and especially in this hectic season.

Miriam Salat Christmas

We all wore our beautiful Miriam Salat Jewellery; exclusive and exquisite pieces which would make any girl happy for christmas. We had planned on taking some photos for their Christmas Campaign. We had the theme of “city chic” in mind, in addition to embracing our friendship and London city-culture through natural fun photographs.

Miriam Salat Christmas

We sipped our coffees, ate some snacks and talked about everything, before going out for a stroll. 

I love walking along Southbank as you can explore the Thames, London Eye, Big Ben/ Parliament, Southbank Centre and more. In addition South Bank also put up their Christmas Market at this time of year, where you can find lots of goodies.

Miriam Salat Christmas Miriam Salat ChristmasMiriam Salat ChristmasMiriam Salat ChristmasMiriam Salat Christmas

We took so many photos, trying our best to work with the awful wind that never seemed to stop. We all regretted saying that it wasn’t too chilly earlier, because now we were all suddenly freezing. We decided that the best thing to do was to hop into a Starbucks, grab something hot and relax for a bit. Then, after our bodies felt a bit warm again, we stepped outside again and sat down – on a step. All tired and giggly, we talked and laughed and enjoyed each others company, while showing our favourite Miriam Salat Jewellery pieces to each other.

Miriam Salat ChristmasMiriam Salat Christmas

It was a perfect day, just how I hope every day will be this month. December might feel like a stressful month due to deadlines and more. But remember to take time to be with your friends and enjoy what is left of this year. If you are ever going through something stress- or painful, remember that you are surrounded by your loved ones, friends and family, that will always be there for you. I am so lucky to know these girls, in addition to everyone else both here in London and in Norway. Embrace December, and let your loved ones know how much they mean to you – xx

Miriam Salat Christmas

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