Ever since finishing university for this year and starting my summer break, every day has felt like Sunday. As I don’t have to wake up to go to my classes anymore, I have lost a lot of my daily routines. But as I do not want to fall into the habit of sleeping all day and doing nothing, I try my best to keep some of my familiar habits. I try to wake up early in the morning, and after having a scroll through social media and watching some Youtube videos, I open my “Morning Read” bookmark tab. This was part of my morning ritual every day before uni, and I still want to keep it.

Reading is crucial as it brings you mental stimulation, stress reduction, knowledge, vocabulary expansion, memory improvement and so many other benefits. In addition it is so important to keep updated on what is going on in the world. Here is what I recommend you to read this Monday:

Monday Reading


Again I have religiously browsed through BBCThe GuardianAl JazeeraHuffington PostThe New YorkerVanity Fair and more to get updated on the latest news. There is always so many important articles to read that I find it hard to choose. First of all last week gave the tragic news that Thirteen people were killed after a helicopter crashed west of the Norwegian city of Bergen. I give my condolences to everyone affected by this. It could so easily have been someone close to my own family. But here in Britain some news stories I have followed lately are the Unfair Restaurant Tipping Practices to be Outlawed and the Junior Doctor Strike. While further away from home the President of Kenya sets fires to biggest stockpile of ivory tusks ever destroyed in statement against ivory trade and Aleppo Push to include battered city in Syria truce.


Even though I mostly find my makeup inspiration and tips on Youtube, I do save a few beauty-related feature articles here and there. Last week I shared my saved post on Adele’s perfect liner, and this week I saved a step-by-step on Nooras signature look from Skam. In addition to beauty secrets my recent saved features also answer important questions like Why Do Cats Act So Weirdly? Okay, maybe not the most important read ever. But this What Happens When Guys Read Real Stories of Sexual Assault is.


I read so many blogs everyday and also always check the blogs of the lovely people who leave comments on my posts. I always follow my favourite blogs and save posts I love at Bloglovin. Lately my favourites have been Ulrikke Lund, Kenzas and Toril Hornnes for fashion and lifestyle inspiration. And as always, I love browsing through all of the amazing Femelle bloggers to see their newest posts. Btw: Femelle is still looking for more bloggers to join the community! (…just casually sneaking that in there).


I have actually not published any new texts on neither  Unwritten nor Thought Catalog this week. I have a few texts coming this week, which I will also publish on my blog. Until then you can read the pieces I mentioned last week: I have written and published a few pieces on love and heartbreak, dealing with The Harsh Reality of Love, but also stating that Just Because Your Relationship Failed, Doesn’t Mean You Did. In addition I have some pieces that are worth reading on a Monday, as I have listed both 7 Avocado Recipes and 7 Hairstyles to try out this week!


After coming home from Qatar to my hectic London lifestyle, I have not been reading as much as I would have liked to. I am still trying my best to finish The Seven Sisters (book 1) by Lucinda Riley which I mentioned last week as a magical and mystical story with many layers. While finishing that I am also trying my best to flick through Calm by Michael Acton Smith. This is a completely different book, all about freeing your mind and being yourself. It is not a fictional story book, but an practical book with different activities and inspirations. “Calm will open your eyes to the pleasure and richness of your everyday life“. A great book if you feel like you need an escape from everyday life.


Now tell me….