Since sharing my 5 Things to Read this Monday two weeks ago, I got a few questions if I could do this as a weekly post. As I have not really been a good blogger lately, I ended up not really posting anything until my Valentines letter to my mom yesterday. I am not going to promise to write a lot more posts this week, as I don’t really have a lot to blog about at the moment. But at least I wanted to share some more Monday Readings with you guys, as I have saved a lot of things through out the week:

Monday Morning Reading


I always try my best to follow and understand what is going on in Syria, with ISIS and so on. It is sometimes awful and devastating to read about what is going on down there, and to think about all of the innocent lives lost, but it is still important to not shut it out completely. We are lucky to not live in war, but sadly not everyone else is. I really enjoyed the piece the Independent (who is also ending their print edition and going all online soon) wrote about how A plan must be made for ‘life after Isis’ in the Middle East, about how world leaders have to plan for a post-war world.


I am a really big fan of both Kanye West and the Kardashians (no shame), and I do like to keep up. Not only have I been eagerly waiting for Kanye’s new album to come out (I finally got to listen through it yesterday), but I was also streaming his Yeezy Season 3 fashion show on Thursday. Following both his show and his new album release, I have been reading a lot of features about Kanye this past week. I liked how Vanity Fair wrote about how The Life of Pablo Perfectly Reflects His Evolution as an Artist. In addition, I couldn’t help but read through 8 weird things that happened at Kanye’s Yeezy show. Finally, I also enjoyed reading through Grammys 2016 Predictions: Who Should Win, and Who Will Win?, before seeing the show later tonight!


I follow so many blogs on Bloglovin that I always seem to have a long list of unread posts. I have not really saved any specific posts this last week, but I have a few blogs that I have really enjoyed reading: Anne Marthe Widvey, my favourite photographer from back home, has started blogging not too long ago, and is now updating frequently with beautiful photos and great inspiration. I also always enjoy to see that Cupcakes and Cashmere and Samantha Maria has written a new post, as they are my absolute favourites  and biggest inspirations.


I have now started to write for Unwritten, and in between my busy week I have managed to write, edit and publish two articles. My first piece was supposed to be a light hearted one about Snapchat, but I actually ended up writing a trending piece about Daryush ‘Roosh V’ Valizadeh, the american “pickup artist” and “men’s rights group” leader who earlier said he wants to legalize rape. It was a really different and difficult topic to write about, but it was fun to write something far away from what I normally do. But then I also got to write about 9 Inspirational Women you Have To Follow on Snapchat, as a more fun and inspirational piece.


I have not started reading any new books this week, but I have been saving a lot of names for my birthday wish list. I always love to relax with a good book while I am on vacation, so I definitely need some book recommendations of what to read when I leave to Qatar in a month! I ended up finding an article about 8 books you to read before you turn 30 on The Independent, where there were some titles I have not yet read that I definitely need to check out!

Other than that, do you have any good books or other texts to recommend?

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