We’ve all had the case of Monday blues in our life, and this week it hit me hard time. It was shoot day with my favourite girlies (more on that in a later post), but I was not prepared for it at all. My skin was breaking up, my hair was a mess, I was running late and I had no food to eat for breakfast. In addition to all of this, it was the coldest day I had experienced in a long time, so I had no idea what to wear for the occasion. After raiding my closet, leaving most of it on the floor/ bed, I finally put together a simple and warm look, embracing the blues of this Monday. You wanna see it?

Jumper – Zara / Shirt – Zara / Jeans – River Island / Coat – Primark / Shoes  – Din Sko / Bag – Michael Kors / Jewellery – Miriam Salat {ad} /


Photography by Jade Greenbrooke Photography

Outfit: Monday BluesOutfit: Monday Blues Outfit: Monday BluesOutfit: Monday Blues

Okay so it might look like a really simple look, but truth is I haven’t worn anything like this in ages. I used to love the “shirt underneath a jumper” style a few years ago, back when my closet mostly consisted of shirts and skirts. Then I somehow grew tired of it and therefore stopped wearing it. It was not until this Monday I realised how effortlessly chic it looked, while also keeping me nice and warm. The two layers, combined with my coat and big scarf of course, gives just enough air for breathing while keeping me covered. The crisp white shirt also helps to break up my two blue items (jumper and jeans), which wouldn’t have looked as nice together by themselves. I liked the idea of mixing different shades of blue (as I don’t own a single pair of black jeans at the moment…), but I brought in the white shirt and camel coat to contrast and break up. Together with the golden detailing on my bag, boots and amazing jewellery, the look turned out so effortless and comfortable, while being city-chic. Neither my typical go-to outfit combination nor colours, but a nice mix to my normal everyday dresses and skirts! What do you think?


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