… on a segway (oh I got you!)

I have to admit I was a bit sceptical when I found out we were doing a segway tour around Rome. Excited, but sceptic, as I have never been on a Segway before and the traffic in Rome is some of the worst I have ever experienced. I was positively sure I was going to fall.


When it is 40 degrees outside, you feel sweaty and disgusting, your legs are hurting and you have to wear a really dorky helmet, a three hour segway tour is not really the most tempting thing in the world. I have to admit, we did have quite a negative attitude just before starting, which I think was due to a mixture of tiredness and general nervousness. But as the tour guide started talking with his enthusiasm, and we all got the chance to one by one learn how to ride and control the segway, things started to get a lot more interesting. It was a bit difficult for the first few minutes, but from then on it just kept getting easier and easier, which also made it a lot more fun and relaxing. By the end of the tour I was riding downhill with no hands while filming and taking photographs. No biggie.

IMG_6438Our amazing tour guides (Photo by Elise)

Easy to say, a three hour Segway Tour gets you a lot further than a three hour Walking Tour. We could quickly drive up and down the hills and make our way through the busy crowded areas, without having to stop in the traffic as you would have to while on a Bus Tour. The segway gets you the best of both worlds (literally) and the three hours seemed to pass by so quickly.


The tour was all about the Imperial Rome, with a lot of information and up and close action of the Circus Maximus, Arch of Constantine, Roman Forum, Colosseum, Traian Column, Capitoline Hill, Orange Garden, King of Malta square and Marcello Theatre, before finishing of with a breathtaking panoramic view over Rome. The photos I took on my digital camera can not at all do the beautiful buildings and places justice, but it will give you an idea of all of the beautifulness we got to experience:


I have to admit to I was really sceptical at first, and felt like it was a pricy tour (€75) that I would not have chosen if I did not get it sponsored, but after finishing the tour I realised how much you actually get your money worth, and I would 100%  recommend doing it if you want a fun, special and unique tour with the best Rome has to offer! Rome Segway Tours also has a night tour, but I would definitely recommend doing the Day tour as you have a better chance of taking some great photos, and you also get to see some of Rome’s most beautiful places while the sun sets and you get the most idyllic picture light ever (for those of you who care about that)!

DSC01604-1Thanks to Italy Segway Tours for having us, I already miss my Segway so much xx

What: Italy Segway Tours
Where: Rome
Price£££££ (but definitely worth it)