Dress: StyleMoi* | Earrings: Marc Jacobs | Shoes: DinSko
Location: Somerset House, London Fashion Week

These photos are so funny to look back at, because shooting them was such a strange and awkward experience. As bloggers at Fashion Week, me and Georgina of course wanted to shoot some outfit photos, and we ended up taking of our coats and pose in front of this beautiful wall at Somerset House. The minute we took our coats of and started posing in front of our two cameras, the photographers walking around started taking notice, and joined in. Only a few photographers had taken any interest in us earlier in the day, but as soon as they saw someone taking our photo, they joined in. As the wall of photographers in front of us grew bigger and bigger, me and Georgina became a bit awkward and giggly, so the photos were not the greatest ever, but they do work. I am wearing another great item I got from StyleMoi, a beautiful, simple and classy white dress, which will be perfect for spring and summer.