Jumpsuit: Girl In Mind* | Cardigan: New Look | Boots: Topshop
Location: Shoreditch | Photography: Alexander Ivanov


I have always enjoyed meeting up with new photographers, and London is great for this as it is a city filled with creative souls. This week I got to talking with the photographer Alexander Ivanov, who was very interested in working together on something. After a few e-mails back and forth, we decided to meet up and shoot some outfits in Shoreditch this Friday. We started the day quite early, before the shops had opened and the city had wakened up from its sleep. I got to explore Shoreditch even more than before, and I have to admit that I am slowly falling in love with this part of London. When I first moved here I spent most of my days in the West and South of London, but these last few weeks I have ended up spending more and more time in the East. Shoreditch is a great spot for vintage shopping, lovely cafes and people watching, and I can feel the area growing on me.

On these photos, featuring my amazing comfortable jumpsuit, I wanted to display a different side of Shoreditch. I wanted to capture the majestic feeling this outfit gave me, being a simple and budget-friendly outfit with items inspired by the 70s. I, as many others, associate this area with street art and hipsters, and I am not going to lie and tell you that it is not true. On every wall you can see amazing (and not so amazing) tagging, and on every street corner you can see some amazing personalities and fashionistas in the “hipster-category”. But, moving away slightly from Brick Lane and the high street, Shoreditch has some amazing architecture, with beautiful classic buildings, where some great hideouts for some relaxation can be found. Shoreditch is really a hidden pearl when it comes to tourists, and even though I like having a place more “of my own”, I still hope more people will figure out its beauty and quirkiness.