Being the Lana Del Rey fan that I am, I of course had to own a piece from her H&M AW12 collection. Looking through it, I immediately fell in love with the simple, classic and super cute pink sweater. I have always loved pink as a color, but never really loved the idea of wearing too much of it myself. Always having “all black everything” as a go to, pink is not really the first color that comes in mind when planning an outfit. But this sweater is just so unique and classic, it goes with everything, and is of course extremely soft, so it was just one of those “love at first sight” moments. It did, of course, sell out extremely quickly almost everywhere, but luckily my parents found it in Qatar for me. I always love how the collections that sell out everywhere in minutes, seems to not sell as quickly in Qatar. At least it felt like that when I lived there, maybe it has changed?

What I love with this sweater, is that it does so much just by itself, both because of its color and fabric. So, even though it fits nice to a pretty skirt or over a dress, it is also perfectly acceptable and fashionable (in my opinion) to just pair it with something simple, like your favorite jeans. In my case, my favorite jeans are these ones from River Island (which I have worn in different colors on quite a few outfit-posts already), who also happen to be named “Lana”. Random? I think not.

Sweater: H&M | Jeans: River Island
Location: Vangen, Haugesund | Photography and Editing:Anne Marthe Widvey