I could drown into the lyrics of The Weeknd, please go listen through Beauty Behind the Madness while looking at my outfit post (you won’t regret it).

Bik Bok Outfit

So I kind of showed you this outfit in my How to Grow Your Blog Using SEO post already, but I thought I would do a full outfit post either way. I bought this outfit at the beginning of summer (wow, seems long ago now doesn’t it?) and it has been a favourite through these last couple of months, so I thought it deserved its own blog post.

Both the skirt and top is from Bik Bok, where I have done most my shopping this summer. What I love about it, is that it is so simple, classic and comfortable (my keywords when it comes to fashion), but it can so easily be transformed into something more with the right pair of shoes and some accessories. Here, with flat sandals, no accessories and minimalistic makeup, it is the perfect everyday wear. Back in London, I will pair it with my sneakers or boots for the perfect back to UNI look – love it!

Bik Bok OutfitBik Bok OutfitBik Bok OutfitBik Bok Outfit Bik Bok Outfit

Skirt: Bik Bok | Top: Bik Bok | Sandals: INDISKA
Location: Haugesund, Norway| Photography: Anne Marthe Widvey Photography


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