As I am writing this, I am now sitting in my hotel room in Dubai and looking through all of the photos for the blog posts I have yet to write. I am really enjoying my travel, and I am constantly taking pictures of everything, but very few of these photos have arrived blog yet. I had originally planned to write several posts up and work with my blog designed yesterday evening, but as the internet was so extremely slow, I ended up just going to bed instead. But now I am making a new attempt, and I will certainly not go to sleep before I have shared a few photos from my birthday-dinner with you:


I (of course) love eating out, and over the years I have tried out quite a few restaurants in Qatar, and I always enjoy trying out something new. For my 20th birthday, I wanted to go somewhere good and cozy, where I could dress up and have a nice meal with my parents. If you want a nicer restaurant like that, hotels in Doha are most often the way to go. At most international hotels you can also very often enjoy alcohol, which was not a must, but a nice detail to our dinner. We ended up at Bentley’s Grill at Radison Blue mostly because it sounded nice, an intimate restaurant with limited seating and the vibe of a cozy living room. In addition, I was drawn to the thought of a restaurant being inspired by one of the worlds most classiest car-brands. So I dressed up in my red dress and heels and enjoyed a night out in Doha, at one of the best restaurants I have ever visited.


I almost never order any starters (mostly because I always choose dessert over starter) and go straight to the main course, but as we were really hungry, celebrating and having a long evening ahead of us, we all decided to start off with a soup. With a Bellini in my hand (one of my favourite cocktails), we were first served a small taster (smoked salmon with hollandaise) before our delicious soup (lobster and cognac cream), which was definitely a new taste for me. We then all went for the fillet mignon, accompanied by vegetables, hash brown and a sauce of our choosing. Even though the soup and beef was more than enough, I of course had to squeeze in some dessert as well – as it was my birthday. But after being served our chosen desserts, a birthday cake with lights on it came our way, and we yet again had a full table of food. We decided to take the cake with us in a box, as we were too full to eat anything more, and right about rolled away from our seats. The food was delicious and fancy, but my favourite part of the evening and restaurant was definitely the relaxed and classy interior and atmosphere, that made the evening so intimate and lovely!


What: Bentley’s Grill
Where: Radisson Blue, Doha


The Stylish Cupcake