When renewing my blog, I knew that one of the posts I wanted to introduce as a weekly series was my Monday Readings. Reading is so important, both facts and fictional, and we should all take a few minutes from our day to let the words enlighten us. I personally think that starting the day getting updated on what is going on in the world is really important, and I start every morning by opening my “read” bookmark tab, where I have both online newspapers, magazines and blogs.

Here are my top readings this Monday (preferably to be enjoyed over a delicious meal):

Read This Monday


I try my best to read news religiously every morning, and I always find it the most difficult to choose which news stories I should include here. To put it in a different way, there is just too much awfulness going on in the world that I find it difficult to choose which deserves mine and my readers attention. And when I say the world, I am not talking solely about stories from Palestine and Syria, I am talking about everywhere. I am talking about Britain’s Modern Slave Trade and Qatar’s forced 2022 labour, things that should not be happening in these countries in 2016. I love this world so much and I love London and Norway and Qatar and everywhere else, but the awfulness is everywhere you guys. Reading is knowledge, remember that. Be sure to check out different outlets when reading your daily news, so that you can get different views, opinions and stories. My favourite online newspapers are BBC, The Guardian, Al Jazeera and Huffington Post for news, The New Yorker and Vanity Fair for more in depth stories and features. NRK in Norway. And local news, of course.


I have been saving up a few different features this month, which I like to go back to over and over. First of all I have found so many beautiful written pieces at Thought Catalog, which bring me both tears and joy. I completely fell in love with the piece This Is How Heartbreak Changes With Age, as it was so raw and truthful. I also could not resist to click on the link when I saw Cosmopolitan posting THIS is the secret behind Adele’s perfect eyeliner and ended up saving the piece for a later makeup look. But I also saved some more “serious” features, including a Portrait of War Reporter Janine Di Giovanni, who is my inspiration and role model when it comes to journalism.


I have this month read as many blogs as I normally do, if not even more, and I daily save posts I love at Bloglovin. My favourite bloggers lately has been Chapter Friday and Fashion Me Now for lifestyle and inspiration, in addition to the norwegian beaut Emilie Tømmerberg for the best beauty posts. And as always, I love browsing through all of the amazing Femelle bloggers. Btw: Femelle is now actually looking for more bloggers to join the community! (…just casually sneaking that in there).


While being absent from my blog, I have enjoyed publishing my writings on both Unwritten and Thought Catalog. I am so happy and proud to be part of such amazing teams of writers, in addition to being a part of the Femelle community! I have written and published a few pieces on love and heartbreak, dealing with The Harsh Reality of Love, but also stating that Just Because Your Relationship Failed, Doesn’t Mean You Did. In addition I have some pieces that are worth reading on a Monday, as I have listed both 7 Avocado Recipes and 7 Hairstyles to try out this week!


While spending lazy days at the beach in Qatar, I got to enjoy one of my favourite things in life: reading books. I never take enough time off here in London to read for pleasure, but I will try my best to do so now that I am done with uni. I am currently in the middle of The Seven Sisters (book 1) by Lucinda Riley, which I started reading as my mom described it as the most beautiful book ever. So far, I completely agree. The book is magical and mystical in a subtle way, and the story has so many layers. I trusted my mothers recommendations after finnishing two of her other books, Me Before You and the sequel After You by JoJo Moyes. I had previously pre-judged this book by its cover, thinking it would not interest me, but as I started reading I really got caught up in the beautiful and unique story it tells. Now all I can do is wait for the movie to launch in June!

Now tell me….