A good vintage store, with great, cheap and unique products – isn’t that what we all want to find? I love finding newVintage stores to check out here in London, and last sunday I found one I really liked! “Rokit True Vintage” has stores at 4 different locations around in London,  and also an online store where you can have a look. I visited the store in Camden, a cute and quite small two story shop with a lot of great vintage products. I fell in love with the wall filled with bags in the end of the store, where I found my new Coach bag. In addition to a lot of pretty designer bags, they had some beautiful scarfs, jewelry, some shoes, and of course lots of clothes. The store I visited in Camden was not that big, but I really want to visit the location they have in Covent Garden soon, which looks a lot bigger. I really recommend that you take a good look around at the walls and shelves when you are there, since they used a lot of their best/prettiest products as decoration as well, don’t miss out – you can buy it! (Ps: on wednesday you get 20% student discount both in store and online, every other day it’s 10%)

“If you’re looking for retro clothing that screams individualism and makes you stand out from the crowd, visit one of our fabulous boutique stores. We have four vintage shops in London in simple-to-find locations so getting your vintage fix is easy.” – Rokit True Vintage


What: Rockit True Vintage
Where: Camden

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